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December Stitch Fix Review and Giveaway (#31)

It’s here! My December Stitch Fix shipment arrived and it feels a lot like Santa came early this year! This month’s fix featured a mix of plaid, sweaters, skinny jeans and prints in wintry blue shades. I couldn’t wait to try everything on and I know that you will love my 31st Stitch Fix Review. I’m also giving away a $50 Stitch Fix gift card at the end of this post, so you don’t want to miss out!

This post contains affiliate links, including my Stitch Fix referral link. I receive a small commission each time someone makes a purchase or signs up for my first fix through one of my links, which helps to support the blog.

sttich fix

If you’re new to the Stitch Fix phenomenon, you are missing out! Stitch Fix is a personal styling service that matches you with a personal stylist. Getting started is easy – just hop over to and create a FREE style profile. Then, when you are ready, you can schedule your first fix. You will be matched with a personal stylist that will review your style profile and hand-pick 5 items just for you. The items are shipped directly to your door so you can try them on in the convenience of your own home with your own clothes and accessories. Keep the items you want, then log in to Stitch Fix to check out. Then drop any clothes that you don’t wish to keep in the mail using the pre-paid shipping envelope that is included in your fix. Returns are free too. I have been using Stitch Fix for the past year and a half and it has transformed my closet. I dress better than ever before thanks to this amazingly convenient service and the guidance of my personal stylist.


So, without more adieu, here’s a look at what arrived in my December Stitch Fix box!


Nori Pullover Sweater

Fact: I am always cold in the winter and there is no such thing as having too many warm layers once the cold snap arrives. With that in mind, I was overjoyed to see that my stylist, Layla, sent a dark green Nori Pullover Sweater from RD Style ($78). I love, love, LOVE this sweater for so many reasons.

First of all, I adore that it is a crew neck sweater so I can add my own scarves and accessories. Cowl neck sweaters are nice, but a good crew neck sweater provides so many more styling options. In this case I added the iridescent gold Kendra Scott and the longer Gorjana pendant necklace that came in my Rocksbox.

Nori Pullover Sweater from RD Style - December Stitch Fix

You can purchase the necklaces on Amazon (click an image below to shop) or receive monthly jewelry shipments with Rocksbox. You can try Rocksbox free for a month when you sign up using my code: kindercrazexoxo.

Gorjana Large Pendant Necklace Kendra Scott Irridescent Gold Drusy Elisa Necklace

I also styled this sweater with my gray Pixie pants from J. Crew (a wardrobe staple of mine) and my new black riding boots from Michael Kors. I’ve never worn over-the-knee boots before so I haven’t actually worn these boots outside of the condo yet. I am sold on keeping the sweater, but still can’t decide on these boots. What do you think?

Does the fact that they are over the knee make them scandalous?

For some reason, I feel a little scandalous wearing them.

Which is ironic since this is me that we’re talking about. #ProbablyTheLeastScandalousPersonEver

Nori Pullover Sweater from RD Style - December Stitch Fix

Anyways, back to the sweater. I love that this sweater is warm but still lightweight. I’m also thrilled that it is long enough to cover my rear end, which means I can definitely wear the sweater to school and not feel scandalous at all. The sweater does have some decorative knit details that require an extra layer underneath. I added a basic white tank from Old Navy and it did the job perfectly.

Nori Pullover Sweater from RD Style - December Stitch Fix

Alpine Plaid Wrap Scarf

I have been using my personal style board on Pinterest as a tool to beg my stylist, Layla, to please send a plaid item my way. Layla got the message! I was overjoyed to see a red Alpine Plaid Wrap Scarf from Look by M ($44) included in my fix this month. The scarf paired perfectly with the Nori Pullover Sweater!

Alpine Plaid Wrap Scarf from Look by M - December Stitch Fix Alpine Plaid Wrap Scarf from Look by M - December Stitch Fix

My husband, Rob, and I didn’t opt for holiday photos this year, but this sweater and plaid combo is making me rethink that decision. How perfect is this outfit?

Alpine Plaid Wrap Scarf from Look by M - December Stitch Fix

PS – Did you know I sometimes wear glasses?

I used to only wear contact lenses, but I lately, I have been having fun mixing glasses into my daily style. They’re not just an accessory. I’m basically blind without them. A few months ago, my husband and I tried out David Kind’s amazing at-home glasses service. It works a lot like Stitch Fix. I created a style profile, picked three frames that I wanted to try, and then my personal stylist from David Kind picked 3 more pair for me. I tried them all on at home, picked my favorite and emailed my prescription. David Kind handled everything. They even managed to fit the glasses perfect to my face based on a photo that I submitted. If you wear glasses and use Stitch Fix, you will LOVE David Kind. You can read more about my experience our this blog post. 

Alpine Plaid Wrap Scarf from Look by M - December Stitch Fix Alpine Plaid Wrap Scarf from Look by M - December Stitch Fix 

See the Rest of my Fix

There’s still a lot more to see from December Stitch Fix review, including a second way to style that gorgeous Alpine Plaid Wrap Scarf. Click over to the second page of this post to see the rest of my photos and your chance to win a $50 Stitch Fix gift card.

stitch fix 3

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Maria Gavin

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18 Responses

  1. I am in love with that plaid scarf wrap! I wish that came in my December fix!
    And keep the boots, as a completely non scandalous person myself, I say it’s good to have a few things that make you feel a little bit scandalous;)

    1. Thank you Jessica! I figure as long as I don’t wear the boots with a short tight skirt, I can probably keep any scandalous qualities under control. I love that wrap scarf too!

  2. I love the sweater and the wrap scarf!! I am hoping for color and plaid in my next fix! And you glasses are adorable (and you in them) – From a glasses wearer 😉

  3. Another great fix! I love the pants! I need to see if Teresa can send those to me. I have that same 41Hawthorn top. I kept it but I never seem to wear it. It is something about the fabric that I just can’t get past. Live and learn :-). And you totally rock those boots! 😉

  4. Very cute fix! I got a blanket scarf (in a different pattern) and sent it back because I had NO idea what to do with it. You make it look easy! No link-up this month? I was hoping you’d do it again. So fun!

    1. Hi Stacie! You are so sweet! Scarves are my favorite thing to try and style. As for the link-up, I usually host the link-ups on Crazy Together. My next fix arrives around Christmas and when I post that one, it will be on Crazy Together with a link up 🙂

  5. Maria, that blanket scarf is positively cozy!! It is just beginning to get “COLD” in St. Louis and I am starting to a add a lot more layers.

    I will admit that I specifically ask for no patterns because I am very very touchy about patterns, this patterned top would be WAY too much for me- but it looks really good on you. Patterns seem to draw way too much attention to my “problem areas”. Hah!

    Thanks for sharing.


  6. I’m thinking about starting my Stitch Fix wardrobe. Do you know if it’s possible to request a stylist? I’m also a school teacher and really like the clothing options your stylist sends you.

    1. Hi Lory! You can always makes request for a specific stylist by emailing customer service. They try their best to honor your request.

  7. Hi, Maria! I just wanted to drop a note to say how much I enjoy your blog. I recently tried Stitch Fix (love!) and then stumbled on your blog while looking for Stitch Fix reviews. I love your style and reviews! I also have four young children, one of whom will be starting kindergarten next year, and I enjoy reading about your teaching experiences, projects, and ideas. Thank you for sharing!

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