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Get Ready for Fall! Stitch Fix Review #27

After I tried on the gorgeous Alessandro Floral Print Silk Blouse and the fun Gideon Polka Dot Sweater, I couldn’t wait to dig into the rest of the clothes included in my fix this month. Two sweaters and a pair of pants still remained and they all fit a rich fall color palette and I am so excited to show you the next three items!

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Malaga Drape Cardigan

I instantly fell in love with the deep burgundy and wine colored sweaters that Layla had included in my fix, especially the Malaga Drape Cardigan from Leila Jayde ($48). When it comes to drape cardigans, I only keep about half of them. Sometimes they fit me perfectly and other times I feel incredibly frumpy wearing them. Flair jeans are coming back in style and I am so excited to break out a classic pair from Old Navy that I purchased several years ago to wear with this sweater. I also added a classic pair of brown wedge shoes from Chinese Laundry.

Malaga Drape Cardigan from Stitch Fix

This drape cardigan is definitely a keeper! It fits perfectly and has a very nice drape. I also love that it has just the right amount of fabric around the neckline to create a drape effect without overpowering the rest of the outfit. sometimes I feel like I’m drowning in all the draping of this type of sweaters, but this one was ideal.

The sweater also looks great with the Sophia skinny jeans from Kensie that came in my 4th fix. It’s a perfect outfit for a fall weekend outing.

Malaga Drape Cardigan

Readers of the blog ask about my brown riding boots all the time. They are Enzo Angiolini brand but I purchased them a few years ago. I haven’t found the same pair in stores for over a year, but you can find similar boots here.

brown boots

Malaga Drape Cardigan and Sophia Skinny Jeans from Stitch Fix


Reagan Skinny Pant

Layla also included a brown Reagan Skinny Pant from Liverpool ($88) in my fix. I own many blouses and sweaters but my work-appropriate pant selection is limited and I don’t own any brown pants that I can pair with tall boots. The Malaga Drape Cardigan looked great with these pants and my brown boots. I now have a gorgeous fall work outfit thanks to Stitch Fix!

Malaga Drape Cardigan and Reagan Skinny Pant from Liverpool - Stitch Fix

Malaga Drape Cardigan and Reagan Skinny Pant from Liverpool - Stitch Fix

I cannot say enough good things about these pants. They are stretchy, but surprisingly heavy weight. They will be incredibly warm on cool days and the heavy fabric makes for a very flattering fit. They even have faux pockets sewn onto the front and back of the pants. These pants are mostly brown, but they have a subtle orange plaid to make them a little more interesting. Seriously perfect fall pants!

Reagan Skinny Pant from Stitch Fix


Amberly Cowl Neck Pullover

The final item included in my Stitch Fix shipment this month was an Amberley Cowl Neck Pullover from MTLA ($58) in a beautiful burgundy color. I love the warm weather but this sweater makes me feel like things will be ok (and maybe a little bit fun) when the weather takes a bitter turn in the next 6 weeks or so. I don’t own many heavy sweaters that are long enough to modestly wear with leggings so I was eager to try this one one. Most of my clothes from Stitch Fix are intesting statement pieces and this sweater was a little more basic than I am accustomed to. I kept on the Reagan Skinny Pant and boots for this sweater.

As it turns out, basic is pretty awesome! The sweater is definitely bulkier than I am used to, but it still (somehow) allows my body to have subtle curves. It feels very strange to wear such heavy clothes in the warmth of September, but I know I will be happy for the extra comfort later this fall. I think sweater might be a keeper!

Amberley Cowl Neck Pullover with Reagan Skinny Pant from Stitch Fix

Amberley Cowl Neck Pullover with Reagan Skinny Pant from Stitch Fix


Try Stitch Fix For Yourself

Now that you had a chance to see what came in my fix, you might be ready to take the plunge and try Stitch Fix too! This online styling service matches you with a personal stylist who hand-picks 5 pieces of clothing and sends them directly to you. To get started, you can create your FREE Stitch Fix style profile. It takes about 10 minutes to answer a few basic questions about your style preferences, sizes and spending limits. When you are ready, you can schedule your first fix. For a $20 styling fee, you will be matched with a personal stylist who will hand-select your items. Once your fix arrives, you can try the clothes on in the comfort of your home. Keep the items you want, check out online and return any of the items in the pre-paid shipping envelope that comes in your fix. Shipping and returns are FREE and your $20 styling fee is deducted from the price of the clothes you purchase. Stitch Fix is the perfect solution for busy women who love new clothes but have no time to shop. If you sign up using my referral link (included throughout this post) I receive a small commission, which I use to offset my own costs and it helps me continue to share my fixes on the blog. Thank you so much to anyone that has already signed up using my referral link!

Get the Best Clothes from Stitch Fix

If you loved the clothes in my fix and want to get more clothes that are a perfect fit for your style, I have lots of advice for you. Check out this blog post to read all of my best tips for getting an amazing fix from your personal stylist.


Stitch Fix Giveaway

I love Stitch Fix so much, I’m giving away a $20 Stitch Fix gift card to one lucky Kinder Craze reader. It’s enough to cover the cost of your next styling fee. Use the Rafflecopter below to enter the giveaway. Best of luck to you!

Fall clothes from Stitch Fix

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Check Out my Previous Fall Fixes

Gear up for the cool weather this fall with more amazing styles from Stitch Fix. Stop by any of my previous fall posts to see what arrived in my shipment. Pin your favorite pieces to your style board on Pinterest and request them from your Stitch Fix stylist.

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Maria Gavin

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  1. My favorite is the blouse with the floral drawings–it’s lovely! And, really expensive! I’ve been doing SF for three or four months, and although I often like what they send, it’s seldom the type of clothing I really need. So I end up keeping items that really aren’t building my wardrobe. It would be less expensive to go to Kohls or Christopher & Banks and buy a pair of pants and a cardigan! I always love seeing your fixes, though.

  2. I love your fixes and how you style them! It always so fun to see your creativity and it inspires me with my clothes!
    Where do you get your white tees? I love the cut of your tee with the burgundy cardigan and that is a basic wardrobe staple that I always struggle finding!
    Thank you 🙂

  3. Your posts are so great. I love how you show us all the little details. That particular KS necklace is stunning. Love the Liverpool Reagan skinny pants on you! And love that subtle print with the hints of orange! I requested similar in my Fix and received the same pair this week, but in a different print! Unfortunately they were way too long on me – I’m 5’1″ and CS checked on availability in a petite size to no avail. So sad – mine were a subtle olive chevron-esque print. Have you found anything similar in stores??

  4. Hi Maria, I love seeing all of your lovely Stitch Fix posts! I think you would really enjoy this program called Dressing Your Truth It is a beauty profiling system that helps you to refine your personal style. There are four types of energetic movement and I could really see you being a type 2. Type 2s often choose comfort over style and they appreciate a very feminine style. I notice the items of clothing you often keep are either flowy, comfortable or a muted color which all go toward the fluid flowing type 2 movement. I do not work for dressing your truth, I just love it and believe more people should know of it then do! I think if you find that you like DYT it would help your Stitch Fix stylist to help find the perfect clothes that work %100 of the time! And also, learning about the different types is free!

  5. I got the brown (with light check) Liverpool pants in my September Fix as well. It’s November and I’ve worn them several times and washed them. They don’t bag out of shape and washed beautifully! LOVE LOVE them. Thanks Stitch Fix . #Stitchfix

  6. I love those Reagan pants! can you buy them anywhere? Can I buy yours?? Haha. Is there a way to request this style/pattern in a fix?

    1. Hi Rose! They are REALLY great pants 🙂 You can request items by pinning your favorites to your style board on Pinterest. I usually leave a personal note in the pin description that asks my stylist to send them my way. Then make sure your style board link is shared in your Stitch Fix style profile. I have found that it is a very helpful tool for communicating with my stylist.

  7. HI Maria, I just happened to come across your blog while researching pink leather jackets and what to wear with them, and I love your outfits and how you look in them. I appreciate your selflessness running the giveaways. I plan to enter when you have your next one. I subscribed to your newsletter and I’m getting my 2nd stitch fix on my birthday. I too, love the color red and hope one of my pieces is in that color. Thanks for your positive and encouraging energy! ?

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