October Stitch Fix Review and Giveaway (#29)

Now that you have seen the first few items in this month’s fix, I can’t wait to show you what else Layla included in my Stitch Fix shipment. If you just arrived at the blog, you may have missed out on seeing the beautiful red purse, navy blue jacket and gray elbow patch sweater that arrived in my fix. Just click the image below to see those items.

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of those links, I receive a small commission, which helps support the blog.

stitch fix_29 2

Now let’s dive into the the rest of this fix! I’m also giving away a $20 Stitch Fix gift card so you’ll definitely want to read all the way to the end.

Valerie Heathered Raglan Top

The fourth item included in this month’s fix was a brown and black Valerie Heathered Raglan Top from Laila Jayde ($64). This lightweight top had a fun fall texture and the two-tone neutrals made this a very versatile piece. I kept on the Sophia skinny jeans from Kensie that arrived in my 4th fix and reached for my camera.

Valerie Heathered Raglan Top from Laila Jayde - Stitch Fix

Valerie Heathered Raglan Top from Laila Jayde - Stitch Fix

This top is very lightweight and it’s worth noting that it the brown fabric was fairly easy to see through. I always wear an Old Navy Tami tank under my sweaters and tops, but for this shirt, it was essential and a black tank paired with it quite well.

Valerie Heathered Raglan Top from Laila Jayde - Stitch Fix

I don’t think I’m going to keep this top, even though it is quite stylish. I get cold in the fall and winter and the lightweight style won’t help me to keep very warm. It seems like it would be a great find for anyone with warmer blood than me or my friends in the warmer states that love dressing for fall but are patiently waiting for the temperature to drop.

Valerie Heathered Raglan Top from Laila Jayde - Stitch Fix

Donna Embellished Neckline Blouse

The final item included in this month’s fix was a purple Donna Embellished Neckline Blouse from Brixon Ivy ($64). I’m a sucker for purple and the beaded neckline was very sophisticated.

Initially, I styled this with a cotton blazer I purchased on the clearance rack at Old Navy a few years go and the Rizzo Skinny Pant from Liverpool that came in my 26th fix (these are amazing pants, by the way).

stitch fix-30

I have been wanting a gold Kendra Scott Elisa necklace with a black stone. I wore my all-gold iridescent necklace from Kendra Scott with this ensemble, but the black one is definitely going on my Rocksbox wishlist. (You can try Rocksbox FREE for a month if you use referral code kindercrazexoxo when you sign up!)

black kendra scott necklace

The black blazer and black skinny pants were a very comfortable school-friendly style and the purple gave the outfit a pop of color. It was a lot of black, though, so I traded the black blazer for the Kaylie Solid French Terry Blazer that came in my 15th fix. 

stitch fix-34

This ensemble was brighter than dressing with all black layers, looked professional and was very comfortable. I could crawl all over my kindergarten classroom with my students in this outfit and look great while doing it!

stitch fix-35 stitch fix-36

The beaded blouse was very pretty and it layered very well with my blazer. I also liked that there was some ruching in the back to gather some of the extra fabric and provide for a flattering fit in front.

stitch fix-33

It’s worth noting that the armholes were a little larger than I prefer and the blouse was a slightly shorter length than I usually prefer to wear. Neither one of those characteristics were a deal breaker on their own, but I don’t love this blouse enough to keep it.

stitch fix-32

The Breakdown

And there you have it! Another great fix from my personal stylist at Stitch Fix. Here is what I decided to keep and return:

Elbow Patch Crew Neck Sweater from Brixon Ivy ($58) – KEEP
Sarah Quilted Jacket with Faux Fur Collar Lining from Coffeeshop ($78) – KEEP
Amherst Multi-Zip Tote from Urban Expressions ($68) – KEEP
Valerie Heathered Raglan Top from Laila Jayde ($64) – RETURN
Donna Embellished Neckline Blouse from Brixon Ivy ($64) – RETURN

Say Hello To Your Personal Stylist and Goodbye to the Mall

If you are a busy woman who loves new clothes but has no time to shop, it’s time to sign up for Stitch Fix! This online styling service will match you will a personal stylist that will hand-pick 5 items that she thinks will be perfect and ship them directly to your door. Getting started is easy. Just go to StitchFix.com and create your FREE style profile. There is no obligation to purchase anything. This is a chance to share your sizes and style preferences. When you are ready, you can schedule your first fix. For a $20 styling fee, you will be matched with a personal stylist who will review your style profile, pick five items just for you and ship them to your door.

Stitch-Fix1You have 3 days to try on the items in the convenience of your home with the clothes you already own. Keep the items you like and check out online. Then place any unwanted items in the pre-paid shipping envelope that is included in your fix and take it to your nearest post office. Returns are free too!

This is the easiest way to shop. My own closet is becoming filled with clothes that I have purchased from Stitch fix and I dress much better than I ever did while I was shopping for myself. And now, with the new Stitch Fix iPhone app, scheduling a fix and leaving feedback is easier than ever!

stitch fix-37

How to Get the Best Clothes from Stitch Fix

If you’ve been using Stitch Fix and you don’t feel like your stylist really “gets you” yet, you definitely want to check out this blog post. I share all of my best tricks for communicating with my personal stylist. My own fixes keep getting better because I have sent so much helpful feedback her way.


Enter to Win a Stitch Fix Gift Card

I love Stitch Fix so much, that I am always happy to share a little bit of the joy with Kinder Craze readers with a little giveaway. I’m giving away a $20 Stitch Fix gift card. It’s enough to cover your next styling fee so you can enjoy a fix without any risk. Use the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I’m linking up this fix on Crazy Together. If you love seeing other people’s fixes, you definitely want to stop by and check out all of the great fixes that other bloggers have shared.

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Find More Fall Stitch Fix Styles

If you are looking for more great fall styles I have received in my own Stitch Fix shipments, click on any of the links below. Pin your favorites to your style board.

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  1. I have been looking forward to this post since your last “Stitch Fix” post! Love all the items you received, and the great way you styled everything!

  2. Nice choices. I have to tell you that I subscribe to your blog because of your Stitch Fix posts. You do a tremendously good job. Thanks for the blog tips as well. I read your Most recent post on that. I just started a Stitch Fix page on my blog (with my 15th fix) and often take your advice.

    1. Hi Sarah and YES! I plan to host a link up every time I post a new fix at Crazy Together. The next link up will be in mid-November! Hosting it on my lifestyle blog seems to be a better fit than my teaching blog 🙂

  3. Love that bag! Any chance you could take pictures of the inside of bags and purses when you get them? I’m tempted to ask my stylist to send me some of the bags I’ve seen from your fixes but I’m picky about the inside of my purses. ?

    1. Lili,

      I would imagine this is because her posts are very photo heavy – if her audience is using a multitude of platforms (some that are slower than others) it likely will not load, or could lock up, the device of the viewer. Splitting it into two allows a person to view one page, let it load, and finish and move on to the next.

      Just speculating. 😉

      1. YES! Alyssa’s speculation is correct. One of my reasons is because my posts are SO long and SO photo heavy that I want the pages to load faster. It’s also good for the blog if people linger and read more than 1 page when they visit. My Stitch Fix content is very appealing to my readers and it’s very motivating to click over to the second page to read more. I don’t have plans to separate all of my posts into multiple pages, but the big ones with lots of content naturally lend themselves to the multi-page format.

  4. Hi Maria!

    First, I love your blog 🙂 As a newlywed-ish (2 years!), it’s great to read!! And I LOVE your SF posts. I’m thinking of requesting the Brixon Ivy Fierro Elbow Patch Crew Neck Sweater, but I was wondering – are the sleeves 3/4 length, or long sleeves? It looks like you may have rolled them up a little, but I wanted to check. Thanks!!


  5. Maria,

    I received the Laila Jayde Raglan top in my first ever Fix as well, I loved the lightweight of it and the fabric – but sadly, I too returned it – just didn’t seem like something I would wear often enough to justify the cost!

    2nd Fix will be here in a couple days!

  6. I loved this post, you do such a great job with styling all of your items, and your descriptions are great, too! I am new to Stitch Fix, and also new to Pinterest, and I have a question: When they say to update your style board, does that mean I should delete items that I have already received or are out of season? Also, if I really want a specific item, does it help to pin it several times or make sure that it is pinned near the top of the page? Thank you!

    1. Hi Heather! That’s a really good question! I almost never delete any of my pins. I interpret that message to mean that I should ADD a few more updated pins to my board, rather than worrying about deleting them. You could help to clarify your new pins by adding something like “please include a dress like this in my November fix!” so she will know which pins are more recent than others. And yes, if you really want something, I would definitely pin it more than once!

  7. Maria,

    Loved the bag in this fix! I always look forward to your box openings. 🙂

    Your last fix made me DESPERATE for that En Creme Potter Button Back sweater – asked for it in my fix – and made the awful mistake of peeking on the app when the fix shipped, and saw it was not enclosed… I hope this does not mean it is discontinued or sold out. Scoured the internet, no luck, AND even sent StitchFix an email asking if it was gone…:(

    I don’t usually get excited about clothes! haha.


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