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Classroom Calendar Season Card Label Set

These calendar pieces serve as a perfect interactive season chart. The set includes three different sizes of cards to display the season on your classroom calendar. Use magnets, velcro, or your favorite adhesive to attach the current season label onto the display card.

Add these season cards to your classroom calendar and create a solid morning routine!

File Type: PDF
Number of Pages: 66



Add these weather cards to your classroom calendar and create a solid morning routine! These season pieces serve as a perfect season chart and make a great addition to any classroom calendar or a great setup for a season bulletin board. The season calendar cards help lead purposeful discussions about weather and seasons in your classroom. Prep this season display once to create an interactive chart for the entire year, and you are all set to incorporate them into your calendar time every day!

What’s Included:

  • 3 different season display sizes
  • display cards for all 4 seasons in 3 different sizes
  • “fall” and “autumn” display card options
  • black and white background color options
  • eight different border colors for endless styling options
  • 66 pages of printing options to create the perfect season display!


These season cards were designed to accompany any class calendar set and are extremely easy to use! Print desired pages and trim to remove white edges. Hang the cards near your classroom calendar for easy access and discussion. For best results, print on white cardstock and laminate before use.

Add these season labels to your pocket chart, whiteboard, chalkboard, outside your classroom door, the possibilities are endless! These season cards will have your young learners fully engaged in seasonal changes all year long!

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