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Stitch Fix #11 + $100 GIVEAWAY

My 11th box from Stitch Fix arrived earlier this week. I seriously cannot believe I have received 11 shipments from the fabulous online personal styling service. Each fix is always a delight and makes me just a little more stylish than I was before the box arrived at my door. For a mere $20, my personal stylist checked out my online style profile and skimmed my fashion Pinterest board, then hand-picked 5 garments just for me. As usual, this week’s stack of clothing was pure eye candy.

This post contains affiliate links. I receive a small commission each time someone makes a purchase through one of my links, which helps to support the blog.

Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service for women. I love the clothing that came in this blogger's fix!


I was feeling pretty casual when I first dug into my fix so I immediately tried on the Memphis Lace Overlay Knit Shirt from Market and Spruce. I love a good cotton t-shirt and this one was dressed up with lace so I could be comfortable AND fancy. I have been patiently waiting and hoping for a t-shirt style to arrive in a fix. This was the answer to all of those prayers.

Memphis Lace Overlay Knit Shirt from Stitch Fix

I paired the lace knit top with my favorite necklace from Old Navy (stylish doesn’t always have to be expensive) and my rose gold and ceramic Fossil watch. I love the soft feminine look of this whole outfit.

Memphis Lace Overlay Knit Shirt from Stitch Fix

The Malin Bootcut jeans from Kensie (which were included in my 9th fix) paired well with this top to create a perfect balance of feminine and laid back.

Memphis Lace Overlay Knit Shirt from Stitch Fix with Kensie bootcut jeans


Next up was a Giorgio Cowl Neck Long Sleeve Thermal Top from Splendid. This is not your average thermal top. It had a super-soft cotton cowl neck and the same fabric was used on the sleeves.

purple Giorgio Cowl Neck Long Sleeve Thermal Top from Stitch Fix

Sometimes a girl just wants to dress down. Especially on those cold, damp days of fall. This will be the perfect top to keep me warm, cozy and a little stylish as temperatures dip in the midwest.

purple Giorgio Cowl Neck Long Sleeve Thermal Top from Stitch Fix


I couldn’t resist taking a few photos so you could better see the softness of the sleeves and the cowl neck. This was SUCH a cozy thermal top!

purple Giorgio Cowl Neck Long Sleeve Thermal Top from Stitch FixThe next few items included in my fix were a little more dressy. Beginning with this Devin Geo Print Pleat Detail Dress from Yumi. At first, I wasn’t quite sure what to think of this dress. The print is not something I would typically wear but Stitch Fix encourages their customers to try on EVERY piece included in the fix. 
Devin Geo Print Pleat Detail Dress from Stitch Fix

Oh my word, what a great surprise! I was so happy that I tried it on. The fabric was relatively lightweight but it had structure to it. The pleat details gave the dress an interesting architectural look. I could not believe how flatter in the dress was once I put it on. It was very comfortable too!

Devin Geo Print Pleat Detail Dress from Stitch FixI paired the dress with a long strings of faux-pearls and some black wedges. This look is perfect for fall, but my legs get COLD when the temperature drops below 70 degrees. 
Devin Geo Print Pleat Detail Dress from Stitch Fix

I dug into my closet, set the wedges aside, and added black tights and my simple black riding boots to the look.I also added a tan cardigan for an extra layer. The finished look was absolutely perfect for the chilly fall days and even to wear in the winter!

Devin Geo Print Pleat Detail Dress from Stitch FixThe Rye Abstract Print Solid Trim Blouse from Èclair was also included in this week’s shipment. I loved the print, but wasn’t quite sure how I felt about the blouse. 

Rye Abstract Print Solid Trim Blouse from Stitch Fix

I tried on the blog with my favorite pair of Kensie skinny jeans (also from Stitch Fix) and I still wasn’t quite sure how I felt about this item. It sort of reminded me of hospital scrubs.

Rye Abstract Print Solid Trim Blouse from Stitch Fix

In an effort to change the look from an ensemble from the medical profession to one from the education profession, I added a charteuse cardigan and a bright pink scarf.

Rye Abstract Print Solid Trim Blouse from Stitch Fix

The pink scarf and chartreuse 3/4 sleeve cardigan certainly helped to transform the look and feel of the abstract print blouse. It looked great with my dark skinny jeans and black flats.

Rye Abstract Print Solid Trim Blouse from Stitch Fix

I changed up the look one more time by adding a teal cardigan and a black and silver scarf. It was another great look!

Rye Abstract Print Solid Trim Blouse from Stitch Fix

The final item in my fix was a Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse from 41Hawthorn. The color was listed as burgundy, but it was more of a rich red than traditional burgundy color.

ilbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse from Stitch Fix

For this blouse, I kept things simple and paired it with a solid black tank and black pants. I love the simplicity of this professional outfit. It is something I can easily imagine myself wearing during parent-teacher conferences this fall.

ilbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse from Stitch Fix

How Much Did Each Item Cost?

Kinder Craze readers always want to know the price of each item that has been included in my fix. Here is the breakdown:

Memphis Lace Overlay Knit Shirt from Market and Spruce, $58
Giorgio Cowl Neck Long Sleeve Thermal from Splendid, $84
Devin Geo Print Pleat Detail Dress from Ymi, $134
Rye Abstract Print Solid Trim Blouse from Èclair, $58
Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse from 41Hawthorn, $58


Save 25% with the Buy All Discount

The best part of Stitch Fix is that customers can save 25% on their entire order if they choose to purchase every item in their fix. I wasn’t crazy about the black and white abstract print blouse, but with 25% savings on EVERYTHING, it is actually cheaper for me to keep the entire fix than it is to send one item back. I’ll show you what I mean. Priced individually, my fix added up to $392 and if I had returned the blouse but kept everything else my price would have been $334 ($392-58). But by keeping the blouse and saving 25% for earning the buy-all discount, the price of my shipment came to $294. That’s a savings of $40 and I got to keep the blouse! Stitch Fix also deducts their $20 styling fee from your total if you choose to purchase any of the items. When you factor in the extra savings, I had the potential to save a total of $118 for purchasing every item in my fix. That’s a great deal!


Stitch Fix Giveaway

I have fallen head-over-heels in love with Stitch Fix. It’s the perfect service for busy women (like myself) who want new clothes don’t have time to shop! I am also in a celebratory mood since I just unveiled the new look of Kinder Craze yesterday. (Doesn’t my new blog design look fantastic?) Anyways, I want you to enjoy this wonderful service too! In the spirit of spreading the love, I am giving a $100 Stitch Fix gift card to one lucky Kinder-Craze fan.

Enter to Win a $100 Stitch Fix Gift Card

Use the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win!

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Sign Up For Stitch Fix

While you are crossing your fingers and waiting for the giveaway winner to be announced, take a few minutes to complete an online style profile at Stitch Fix. It is free to create an account and will only take a few minutes to create a profile. Once you are ready to schedule a fix, your stylist will use this information to pick perfect items just for YOU! If you’re new to Stitch Fix, I invite you to sign up using my referral link (included throughout the is post). I receive a small commission from Stitch Fix for each person that signs up with my referral and it helps to offset my costs so I can keep sharing my fixes with all of you. If you have already signed up with my link, thank you! I greatly appreciate your support.

I’m also linking up with the Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday.

This weekly linkup is a favorite of mine!


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19 Responses

  1. Just starting my own blog and would love to link my fixes with you gals. I always love your outfits and pin them for my stylist. My favorite this time is the thermal cowl neck shirt.

  2. I get my first fix in just 7 days!!! SO excited! Love seeing all of your fixes. I LOVE the dress and the red blouse. 🙂

    1. Hi Katy,
      Those jeans are from See Thru Soul. I bought them a few years ago at Nordstrom. It’s sort of an obscure brand but I love how comfy those jeans are to wear.

  3. I received the same grey lace top in my fix, too! Also got the patterned top from your previous fix (which I requested after seeing it in your post). Everything looks great on you!

  4. I found your site because one of my upcoming Stitch Fix items is the first blouse on your page (yes, I cheat, I must google them before the box arrives 😉 This is my 6th Fix and I’ve been up & down with some of my boxes (mostly up), but looking at your page, I CLEARLY need to work on styling. The transformation of the shirt you were on the fence about was fantastic with the bright cardigans & scarf. The way you restyled the dress with boots and the cardigan was my favorite and looks really great. Your site has inspired me to dig into my closet and create some looks. I’m glad you kept it all, this box was excellent, you look great!

  5. Love the clothes you received!! And you do an awesome job styling them. Can I ask who your stylist is? I just got my first fix. I’m only keeping one item but I’ve heard they get better as they figure you out. Can’t wait for my next one!!

  6. You may be a wonderful Kindergarten teacher, but you have other talents. I’m watching your Stitch Fix entries and find that you are able to pull something out of the box that you (or any of us) might dislike immediately (think the hospital top), dress it up differently, and the look is fabulous. You might consider a fashion consulting side business.

    1. You are so sweet Maggie! It’s true… I have too many passions for one person to balance. I already have a plan B, plan C, and plan D for other occupations if teaching doesn’t work out. Perhaps fashion consulting should become my plan E!

  7. I love the outfits you are making out of one piece. I awas wondering what sizes you were wearing in shirts? As a taller model they all seem to have a nice length. I typically wear a M, but have been receiving shirts that are very boxy, big and short. I really like the red shirt and purple cowl neck. Was wondering if going down to a small would be better? I have tried to tell the stylist that I like fitted and longer…hasn’t worked out yet. Any suggestions?

    1. HI Susan!
      When I started receiving my fixes I was a size Medium for tops and they were often too boxy on me as well. I lost a few pounds and changed my profile to size Small. They fit much better! I recommend requesting some small blouses, even if your regular casual tops are still a size medium. since they are usually so boxy.

  8. Your styling of the rye print blouse was amazing! It turned a piece I wouldn’t have given a second look to into a piece I want to have in my closet!

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