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Tieks Unboxing: Beautiful Shoes for Teachers

Ever since I shared the unboxing of my Erin Condren Life Planner with you, I have been eager to find another beautifully packaged item that is relevant to teachers that I could lovingly open and photograph for you. Today I had so much fun unboxing my new pair of Tieks by Gavrieli.

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a small commission each time someone makes a purchase through one of my links, which helps to support the blog.

tieks 5

If you don’t already know about Tieks, they are leather flats that are rumored to be the MOST comfortable ballet flats on the market. With testimonials from the likes of Oprah, Jodi Picoult and Cosmopolitan magazine; I KNEW I had to try these for myself. With a starting price of $175, each pair of Tieks are certainly an investment in fashion and comfort. I searched the site for the most beautiful pair and instantly fell in love with the Lavender Snake Tieks style. Unfortunately for me, these were the most expensive pair in the “Boutiek.”
Tieks flats... cute teacher shoes

(Full disclosure: I ordered my Tieks on my own behalf, with no discount, promotion or compensation. I just really wanted to try them out and share my experience with you! Since then, I have become a Tieks affiliate and my affiliate links are included throughout this post.)

Fortunately, every pair of Tieks comes with free Priority Mail shipping (and free returns). After two days, my designer ballet flats arrived in the mail and I couldn’t wait to open them! The average person would never guess the treasure that sat patiently inside of this plain white box.

Once I gently slide a knife along the seal, I lifted the lid to reveal my first peak at the signature teal Tieks packaging!

Seriously, how pretty is this box?!?

tieks 3

Even the jeweled silk flower was beautiful. Just imagine how gorgeous the shoes must be!

tieks unboxing 3

I tenderly lifted the lid from my Tieks box to reveal a handwritten thank you note.
Be still my heart!
It even looks like it was written with my favorite color of Papermate Flair pen. Swoon.

tieks unboxing 4tieks 4

There is simply too much eye candy in these photos to process.
I am such a sucker for details.

tieks unboxing 5

My Tieks also came with proper care instructions.

tieks 6

Finally, my first glimpse of the actual shoes.

tieks unboxing 6

These flats were neatly folded and (just barely) fit inside of the box.
It took a strong tug to pull them out!

tieks unboxing 7
tieks 7

In addition to a neatly folded pair of flats, the package also included a collapsable turquoise tote and small black carrying case for my Tieks.

tieks unboxing 8

Finally, I was able to try on my beautiful new shoes. I deliberately selected Lavender Snake Tieks because they had a fun print, but also contained neutral shades that would look nice with khaki pants. I love how cute my feet look in these shoes!

Tieks designer flats for teachers

What about the fit and comfort?

I’m sure you’re dying to know how my new shoes fit (and more importantly) felt on my feet. Tieks are only available in full sizes. I am usually an 8.5, so I followed the online instructions and ordered a size up. The shoes fit great! The comfort level is yet to be determined. The elastic across the top of my toes felt a little tight and put a little pressure on my big toenail. (This is a common issue for me when trying on flats). I am crossing my fingers and hoping that the leather just needs to stretch a bit to reach optimal comfort. So I’m not entirely sure what the fate of my new Tieks will be, but my goodness, they sure were fun to open! The free shipping and returns are a big source of comfort as well 🙂

I wrote a much more detailed review of Tieks on my personal blog, Crazy Together. You can click the image below to get the answers to all your questions, including the amount of support, durability, and even squeaky Tieks.

honest tieks review

UPDATE: I ultimately decided to return the lavender snake Tieks and tried a mustard pair instead. Although they were the same size, the mustard pair was much more comfortable. And the customer service team at Tieks was gracious enough to offer free shipping and a free return on my lavender snake flats.

What are your favorite shoes to wear at school?


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Maria Gavin

Maria is a former kindergarten and first grade teacher, with 13 years of teaching experience. Her love and passion for all things early childhood is now fulfilled as a mom to two amazing kids. She loves sharing practical and creative tips and ideas that are perfect for young learners – in the classroom or at home!

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  1. I am very picky about flats putting pressure on my toes! I found “Me Too, Nini flats” to be perfect for me! I liked my first pair so much, I got them in all 3 colors! They run around $50 at I highly recommend them! Your new shoes are beautiful!

    1. I completely understand that the shoes are a luxury item and out of the price range for most teachers. I was able to save some pennies on this splurge and sometimes the fun is just to see pretty things and live vicariously. This post wasn’t written to encourage teachers to spend their hard-earned money on expensive shoes. It was simply intended to have a peek at a high-end product that is out of most of our price ranges.

  2. With my terrible vericose veins I have to invest in good comfortable shoes to teach in since I am on my feet all day. I will LOVE hearing how you like these and how your body feels after teaching in them. The best advice I got from the leg doc. was “Get rid of the crappy shoes!” I have lived in higher end shoes becuase of that advice and they have lasted 8+ years. Thank you for sharing as I am always looking for a comfortable welll made pair.
    I hope you love your cute shoes!!!

  3. I love my Clarks, most of them are pumps. I teach Kindergarten and can stand all day in them. They tend to have that 40’s look to them, but that is a look I like. I pay good money for good shoes. They last forever if you take card of them. The first time I spent over $100 on a single pair it was hard, but I save and always buy on sale.

  4. I am saving to buy a pair of these! Absolutely LOVE the look of them. My feet hurt all the time and I need a good pair of winter flats. Let me know if they feel good after wearing them all day, please!

    Sometimes a teacher needs to spend a bit of money on something she loves…. I love clothes and shoes and handbags. Others like different things and splurge somewhere else. We ALL deserve a splurge and should not feel bad for how we spend our money. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  5. Any updates on the comfort and durability of this shoe? I just ordered my first pair and would love to know your experience since purchasing.

    1. SUPER comfortable! I now own 3 pair and wear my Tieks several times a week in the warmer months. I have even worn them in the city and done a ton of walking in them. They have never given me an issue. The one durability issue I have had is that my big toenail is really beginning to wear out the leather on the pair I wear the most. One day, I’m pretty sure my toenail will cut right through the top of my shoe. But that’s more of a testament to how often I wear the shoes (and the weird shape of my toe and toenail) than any reflection on the quality of Tieks.

  6. I am also a teacher and I own 5 pairs of Tieks. They have been a life-saver for me in finding comfortable ballet flats. I wear my 4-5 days a week and I can stand and move all day and have no discomfort. They are an investment so I try not to wear them in especially cold, wet, or snowy weather but when it’s 50 degrees or up, that’s my shoe. They are also great for traveling as they fold up and fit nicely in small spaces. My very first pair, I purchased in 2012 and took to India when my husband and I traveled there to finalize the adoption of our son and bring him home. I walked all over New Delhi, India, wearing my Tieks and at the end of the day, had no foot pain or discomfort, I absolutely love them. Again, they are an investment so I either save up for them, or ask for a new pair for my birthday, a well made investment. I’m saving up for the leopard print ones currently.

    1. I love mine too! I own three pair and it is killing me to keep them tucked away in the closet for the winter. But, like you, I only wear them when it’s warm and there is no precipitation outside. Can’t wait for spring so I can start wearing my Tieks again!

  7. Hi Maria,

    I just discovered Tieks this summer thanks to your blog! I now own 3 pairs! I have the Matte Black, Chestnut, and Ballerina Pink. I’d love to wear my Tieks to school this fall (I’m a high school teacher) with bootcut khakis like the ones in your picture. Do you remember where you bought your khakis? So many of the khakis for sale in the mall now are skinny or cropped, and I prefer bootcut. Thanks for your help! Love your blog!


  8. I find this hilarious that people think teachers can afford $200 flats… let me say that again, $200 flats!! Hahahahahaha! Do they realize what we make?! Salary wise? Not the difference in the world, but how much we get paid. That’s 2-4 days of work for the average teacher. ? yah, nice advertising ploy Tieks, next we’ll see Louis Vuitton’s for Fast food workers.

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