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Waste Free Lunches in Celebration of America Recycles Day

America Recycles day is November 15. In the spirit of “going green” my students created some posters to hang around the school promoting our lunch program’s “Waste Free Wednesday” campaign. The idea behind Waste Free Wednesday is simple: students that pack a lunch from home are encouraged to pack only

Big Green Monster Kindergarten Watercolor Paintings

My students had a BLAST in our kindergarten classroom for Halloween last week, yet they were amazingly well behaved. We didn’t have a week full of candy and silliness. We had fun, but it was more academic in nature and it really helped my students to remain in control of

Pumpkin Window Decorations Tutorial

Halloween is almost here and I have a super-simple craft you can create inside the classroom or at home with your little ones! The best part is that pumpkins are in-season all through the fall so this cute window decoration can stay up right through Thanksgiving. This post contains affiliate

Stained Glass Apple Craft + Free Template

child in classroom holding up an apple stained glass window craft

During our apple study, my kindergarten students made the cutest apple window decorations with clear contact paper, tissue paper squares and a little construction paper. I make many of these “stained glass” decorations throughout the year and I love how festive they make my classroom feel! These decorations are also very

Easy Earth Day Art Project with Watercolor Paints

Integrate a little fine art into your Earth Day lesson plans with a simple (and sweet) watercolor painting. I completed this activity with my own kindergarten students last week and it was a huge hit. This blog post breaks the entire process down into small, easy steps that will give

Stained Glass Kite Decorations Made from Tissue Paper

Spring has arrived and despite the abysmal weather (high temps for the week will only be in the mid-30s once again), I am determined to shake the winter blues from my classroom. I removed the oh-so-adorable stained glass mitten decorations that my students created in January and was ready for

Stained Glass Mitten Window Decor Tutorial

two pink mittens hanging in window "stained glass mitten decorations"

With the cold, blustery weather in full-force this winter, I decided to bring some seasonal coziness into my classroom decor. Last week we made stained glass mittens to adorn the windows of my kindergarten classroom. By now you probably know of my great love affair with stained glass-style window decorations.

Tissue Paper Christmas Tree Craft Window Decorations

The Christmas season is upon us and I am having such a BLAST getting into the holiday spirit! My students recently created the most adorable Christmas tree window decorations and they bring so much holiday cheer into my classroom. I just had to share a tutorial of my newest holiday

Patriotic Craft Window Decorations for Kids

With Memorial Day coming up next week, my students created patriotic “stained glass” window decorations in the colors of the American flag. We had SO much fun with this patriotic craft and the results are really quite stunning. This post contains affiliate links. I earn a small commission each time someone

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