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Patriotic Craft Window Decorations for Kids

With Memorial Day coming up next week, my students created patriotic “stained glass” window decorations in the colors of the American flag. We had SO much fun with this patriotic craft and the results are really quite stunning.

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red, white and blue craft displayed in window with the text "Patriotic Window Craft 4th of July Craft for Kids"

I love this activity because it looks complicated, but just requires a few materials to create. I prepped a few things ahead of time but constructing the design and filling in the colors were tasks that my kindergarten students completed independently.

Patriotic Window Craft Materials

  • 8×11 sheets of black construction paper (1 per student)
  • red, white, and blue tissue paper cut into 1″ squares
  • clear contact paper cut into sheets (approximately 11×14″… 2 per student)
patriotic craft with white star and red and blue stripes displayed in window so light can shine through

Patriotic Window Craft Prep

To begin, fold each 8×11 sheet of black construction paper in half (so it is tall and skinny.) Keep the paper folded in half, start at the crease, and trim 3/4″ from around the edges to create a frame for the window. Set the frame aside for later and use the solid rectangular piece that remains to cut a star shape and strips for creating the window design.

simple paper frame cut from folded black construction paper and scissors

Using the rectangular piece that remains from the previous step, place the star template along the crease of the folded paper and trace the inner and outer star edges.

star template placed on folded black construction paper with a pencil used to trace

Keep the paper folded while you cut both lines you traced in the previous step. Discard the small solid star (or use it on a future project) set the larger star outline aside for the stained glass window, and use the remaining paper scraps to cut strips of paper that are approximately 1/2″ thick.

star cut from folded black construction paper with template, scissors and pencil

Peel a sheet of clear contact paper and place it STICKY SIDE UP on a table. Open the rectangular frame you trimmed in the first step and place this in the center of the contact paper. Open the star outline and place it on the contact paper as well.
NOTE: I did this step for my students.

black construction paper star cutout placed on clear contact paper with black paper frame around it

Assembling the Patriotic Craft with Students

Have students fill in the star with white tissue paper squares. The tissue paper can overlap the black paper a bit since the side they are working with will become the back of the completed project.

child placing white tissue paper squares inside star frame cutout on clear construction paper to create patriotic window craft

Use the 1/2″ black construction paper strips that were trimmed from the star’s paper scraps to create a window design that resembles rays shining out from the star. As you can see, the strips connect each “point” and “inner corner” of the star with the rectangular frame. This requires 10 paper strips of varying length.

child placing construction paper star and strips onto clear contact paper to create a patriotic window craft

Now the REAL fun can begin! Have students use alternating red and blue tissue paper squares to fill in the sections they created around the star.

child placing red, white and blue tissue paper squares onto clear contact paper to create a patriotic window craft

A completely tissue-papered window decoration.
(Yes, I did just make up my own verb.)

patriotic craft for kids made from red, white, and blue tissue paper squares, clear contact paper and black construction paper

Place a second piece of clear contact paper STICKY SIDE DOWN on top of all those tissue paper pieces. This essentially makes a “tissue paper sandwich”. Students can trim excess contact paper from the edges of their creation.

And there you have it… a completed red, white, and blue “stained glass” window decoration!


red, white and blue craft for kids displayed in window with sun shining though

Managing the Window Craft in your Classroom

Just in case you were wondering how I manage this project in my classroom…
We did this activity whole-group. My students worked in groups of four. Each group shared a box of tissue paper squares. It was a success!

kindergarten children working at desks to create red, white and blue 4th of july window craft

Download a Free Star Template

Ready to make your own red, white and blue window craft? I created a free star template that you can use to create your own patriotic craft at home or in the classroom. Use the form below to sign up and the star template will be sent directly to your email inbox!

More Patriotic Fun with Red, White and Blue Headbands

Keep the patriotic spirit going… download my FREE Patriotic Headband Craftivity. This free product includes templates and instructions for creating fun hats to celebrate any American holiday. Click the image below for step-by-step directions and a free printable template.

Patriotic Calendar Numbers

Coordinating calendar numbers are also available to purchase for $1.50 each. Each set of calendar numbers measures 2.7 x 2.7″ and includes 36 number cards.

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Find More Stained Glass Window Projects

Looking for more window decoration projects? Hop over to the Freebies page to find links to additional stained glass creations that I’ve made with my kinders. They look beautiful on the windows and are very fun to make!

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