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50 Books to Celebrate the 100th Day of School

The 100th day of school is quickly approaching! My students get so excited about this momentous day, we begin reading about it a few weeks in advance. If you are looking to expand your own collection of 100th day of school books, this list is for you! It’s my top 50 picks of books to celebrate the 100th Day. . You can also discover many great ideas for your classroom celebration here.  Happy browsing!

This post contains affiliate links. I receive a small commission each time someone makes a purchase through one of my links, which helps to support the blog.

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50 books to celebrate 100 days of school
100th Day of School

The Night Before the 100th Day of School

The 100th day of school is almost here and one student is desperate to find 100 of anything to bring to class. Then all of sudden inspiration strikes, and he comes up with a surprise that makes the 100th day celebration one to remember! This hilarious story of a popular school tradition offers a perfect modern twist on Clement C. Moore’s classic poem. Find it here on Amazon.

100th Day Worries

100th Day Worries

When Jessica’s teacher tells everyone in class to find 100 things to bring to school for their 100th day, Jessica starts to worry. She wants to bring something really good. but what?

100 marshmallows? No, too sticky.
100 yo-yos? Nah, that’s silly.

When Jessica reaches the 99th day, she really starts to worry. She still doesn’t know what to bring! Could the best collection of 100 things be right under her eyes? Find it here on Amazon.

Fancy Nancy and the 100th Day of School

Fancy Nancy: The 100th Day of School

The 100th day of school is coming up, and Nancy doesn’t know what to bring in for the class project. Will she be able to think of something imaginative in time for the big day? Find it here on Amazon.

Rocket's 100th Day of School

Rocket’s 100th Day of School

Rocket isbusy collecting 100 things to take to school on his 100th day, and he has the perfect place to keep them safe. That is, until Bella, a squirrel who loves acrorns, gets involved.

With predictable patterns, simple words, lots of repetition, and bright, colorful illustrations, this new Rocket book will charm young readers—and they can read it all by themselves!

Step 1 Readers feature big type and easy words. Rhymes and rhythmic text paired with picture clues help children decode the story. For children who know the alphabet and are eager to begin reading. Find it here on Amazon.

Jake's 100th Day of School

Jake’s 100th Day of School

Jake and his fellow students are getting ready for a celebration. Tomorrow is the 100th day of school and everyone is going to share their collections of 100 things.

The day of the celebration arrives. Jake’s friend Henry brings 100 bottle caps and Emily brings 100 paper clips. But Jake forgets the 100 family pictures he has glued into a special memory book at home. Disaster!

The problem is solved thanks to Jake’s ingenuity and the sensitivity of his wonderful principal, Mrs. Wadsworth. He does have a collection to display that day… and something special to share with the class on the 101st day of school. Find it here on Amazon.

Miss Kindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day

Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day of Kindergarten

Miss Bindergarten, the world’s best kindergarten teacher, is getting ready for another milestone. Tomorrow she and her class will have been together for 100 days. To celebrate, each student must bring “100 of some wonderful, one-hundred-full thing!” At night, while the students go to work assembling their projects, Miss Bindergarten is working, too, making special surprises for the class. The 100th day of kindergarten is bound to be unforgettable! Children will delight in hearing about this special event, a common cause for celebration in kindergartens today. Find it here on Amazon.

Cam Jansen and the 100th Day of School Mystery

Young Cam Jansen and the 100th Day of School Mystery

Cam Jansen and her best friend, Eric, are excited about their class’s 100th day of school party! To celebrate, they’re having snacks that start with the letter P: pretzels, popcorn, pineapple juice, and everybody’s favorite, pizza. But when the pizza disappears from the kitchen, it’s up to Cam and her photographic memory to “click” and solve this delicious mystery! Find it here on Amazon.

The 100th Day of School

The 100th Day of School

The children learn 100 spelling words, plant 100 seeds, bake 100 cookies, and “”do everything the 100 way”” to celebrate this special day. Find it here on Amazon.

Biscuit's 100th Day of School

Biscuit’s 100th Day of School

It’s the 100th day of school, and Biscuit can’t wait to join in the celebration. Fun flaps reveal the sweet yellow puppy up to his usual mischief as he helps schoolchildren honor the day with games and lessons. Find it here on Amazon.

100 Days of School

100 Days of School

A series of rhymes illustrates different ways to count to 100 such as by adding the ten toes of ten children or ninety-nine train cars plus one caboose. Find it here on Amazon.

Ready, Set, 100th Day!

Ready, Set, 100th Day!

Soon it will be the one-hundreth day of school. Minna wants to come up with a really, really different idea for her Ready, Set, 100th project with the help of Mom, Dad, and Pip, Minna searches the house. She finds and makes all sort of things. She arranges them in sets, and she plays with them. But she’s “still thinking!” until, suddenly, she gets a BIG idea! Important math lessons are incorporated into Wallace’s signature artwork using origami, recycled paper, markers, crayons, colored pencils and photographs. Find it here on Amazon.

Counting Our Way to the 100th Day

Counting Our Way to the 100th Day!

Join the counting fun! It takes just a poem a day to count down to the 100th day of school! Keep count with numbers. Keep count with stars. Keep count with beans
in a big glass jar. Keep a long tally and keep count with pins. Keep track of how many days there’ve been. Keep count by ones. Keep count by tens. Keep count each day
and wait, wait, wait. In February — celebrate! Find it here on Amazon.

100 Days of Cool

100 Days of Cool

Four students arrive on the first day of school looking cool and their teacher challenges them to keep it up as they count down 100 days to a cool celebration. Find it here on Amazon.

Ready, Freddy! The One Hundredth Day of School

Ready, Freddy! The 100th Day of School!

The 100th day of school is approaching, and to mark the occasion, Freddy and his classmates must each collect and bring to school 100 of something. Freddy is overwhelmed by the thought, then he has a great idea to collect 100 shark trading cards. But he only has 21 cards! How will be get another 79 before the 100th day of school? Even if he had the money, his mom would NEVER let him buy that much bubble gum. Join Freddy as he plots the perfcet plan to reach his goal. Find it here on Amazon.

100 School Days

100 School Days

Mrs. Madoff’s class is counting pennies — one for every day of school. When they get to 10 pennies, they know they’ve been going to school for 10 days. What will happen when they get to 100? How will they celebrate Day 100, and what will they do with their 100 pennies? Find it here on Amazon.

Emily's First 100 Days of School

Emily’s First 100 Days of School

Emily is ready for her first day of school. There’s so much to do: learning the alphabet, singing, reading books, dancing, and counting, starting with the very first day. One hundred days feels very far away, but day by day, Emily and her classmates see they’re getting closer. And as the lessons they learn begin to add up, their world expands. Chock-full of surprising discoveries, age-appropriate activities, and plenty of humor, Emily’s First 100 Days of School supports growing skills in reading, writing, and arithmetic, with an emphasis on math skills. Find it here on Amazon.

The 100th Day of School

The 100th Day of School

How many ways can you count to 100? Try by 5s, 10s, and 20s. Lets celebrate math and learning on the 100th day of school! Find it here on Amazon.

100th Day of School

100th Day of School

After counting down the school days, it is finally the 100th Day of School! Readers will love learning about how this popular milestone is celebrated in the classroom. This book includes fun and challenging activities that exercise both the mind and body. Children will enjoy learning how other children around the world celebrate this event. Find it here on Amazon.

The 100th Day Surprise

The 100th Day Surprise!

The hundredth day of school means sharing one hundred things collected by each child. Liz has one hundred bows. Nick has one hundred Legos. Scotty believes he can outdo them all with his unique collection. The Hundredth Day Surprise will amaze the class, and Scotty will be the most stunned of all. Find it here on Amazon.

100th Day

100th Day: A Spot-It Challenge

Its the 100th day of school, and we’ve hidden lots of items for you to count and find. Can you spot all of the fun things in these dazzling scenes? Find it here on Amazon.

100th Day of School

100th Day of School

These all new, modern holiday books give readers the inside scoop on how some of our favorite holidays came to be and how we celebrate them today.

  • Calendars that introduce kids to various types of informational text
  • A fun craft themed to each holiday
  • Comprehension activities in the back of the book that help readers recall and locate information relevant to a given topic
  • Fast facts— offering fun, sometimes little known facts about the subject
  • Table of Contents and Chapters
  • Glossary with pictures

Find it here on Amazon.

It's the 100th Day, Stinky Face!

It’s the 100th Day, Stinky Face!

What will Stinky Face bring for the 100th day of school? The second in the early reader Stinky Face series. Lisa McCourt and Cyd Moore’s popular Stinky Face series is now available in a Level 1 easy reader format! In this new story and adventure, Stinky Face, an inquisitive young boy, celebrates 100 days of school! But of course, first he has a question … New readers will love this funny, imaginative story and the easy-to-read text. Find it here on Amazon.

100 Monsters in My School

100 Monsters in My School

The one hundredth day of school at Frank N. Stein Elementary School is the best day of the year for all the monsters except Jane Brain. Readers will learn fun–and sometimes spooky–ways of counting to one hundred in this book. Find it here on Amazon.

100 Ways to Celebrate 100 Days

100 Ways to Celebrate 100 Days

It’s the 100th day of school–what can you do to celebrate? Here are 100 different ideas for celebrating this fun and important day. The 100th day is about math–and so much more! From collecting to counting, baking to bouncing, reading to writing, every possible kind of activity is included for 100th day celebrations at home or at school. Bright, detailed photographs and plenty of innovative ideas will make this beautifully designed book the essential, must-have book for every family and classroom. Find it here on Amazon.

100 Things that Make me Happy

100 Things that Make Me Happy

In the grand tradition of “Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens” comes an uplifting tribute to 100 everyday things worth celebrating. The list, in rhyming couplets, draws directly from a preschool­er’s world—from slippery floors to dinosaurs, from goldfish to a birthday wish. Amy Schwartz weaves a masterful balance between art and text, with each of the 100 items portrayed as its own well-observed and warmly detailed vignette. While the contents provide readers with a frame of reference for the quantity of “100”—a celebratory milestone in preschools and early elementary grades—the oversized pages envelop young children in the wonderful things surrounding them. Find it here on Amazon.

Learn to Count from 1 to 100

Curious George Learns to Count from 1 to 100

Curious George is a good little monkey, and always very curious. Now George is curious about numbers. Counting from 1 to 10 is easy, but can he count all the way to 100? George has picked the perfect day to try. It’s his town’s 100th birthday today and everyone is coming out to celebrate! With the help of his friend, the man with the yellow hat, George learns to count from 1 to 100, making his usual monkey mischief along the way. Young minds (and little fingers) will find all kinds of wonderful things to count as they turn each colorful page. In this large format, paper-over-board book each page features familiar objects for children to count. A perfect book for celebrating counting, numbers and the 100th day of school. Find it here on Amazon.

Centipede's 100 Shoes

Centipede’s 100 Shoes

Have fun with numbers in this hilarious new picture book by master storyteller and illustrator Tony Ross.

“One hundred shoes, please!” said the little centipede. “Fifty left ones, and fifty right ones.”“Why do you want one hundred?” asked the shoe seller. “Because I’m a centipede, which means a hundred feet,” said the little centipede.

But when are one hundred shoes too many shoes? And what do you do with too many shoes? Why, you give them away! Find out who gets them in this delightfully silly story about a centipede with sore feet. Find it here on Amazon.

The Hundred Dresses

The Hundred Dresses

Eleanor Estes’s The Hundred Dresses won a Newbery Honor in 1945 and has never been out of print since. At the heart of the story is Wanda Petronski, a Polish girl in a Connecticut school who is ridiculed by her classmates for wearing the same faded blue dress every day. Wanda claims she has one hundred dresses at home, but everyone knows she doesn’t and bullies her mercilessly. The class feels terrible when Wanda is pulled out of the school, but by that time it’s too late for apologies. Maddie, one of Wanda’s classmates, ultimately decides that she is “never going to stand by and say nothing again.” Find it here on Amazon.

100 Inventions that made History

100 Inventions that Made History

Applying engaging, innovative design and fun, informative text, 100 Inventions That Made History looks at the trailblazing inventions that have advanced technology and transformed the way we live, as well as the gadgets and gizmos that we couldn’t live without!

Divided into five chapters — On the Move, Getting Connected, Ordinary Things, For Better or Worse, and Culture Shock — all areas of inventions are covered as well as showcasing the inspirational people who brought them to life. From antibiotics to the atomic bomb, microscopes to the microwave, and wind turbines to the World Wide Web, 100 Inventions That Made History is a discovery not to be missed. Find it here on Amazon.

100 Snowmen

100 Snowmen

1 + 1 = 2 snowmen.
3 + 4 = 7 snowmen.
5 + 6 = 11 snowmen.
Finally, 100 snowmen! As you count and add, watch the snowmen enjoy a snowball fight, make funny faces, play hide-and-seek— and just plain have fun. And you’ll have fun, too! Find it here on Amazon.

One Hundred Hungry Ants

One Hundred Hungry Ants

Hi dee ho! It’s off to a picnic we go! One hundred very hungry ants hurry to sample the delights of a picnic, but marching in single file seems too slow for 100 empty tummies. The smallest ant of all suggests they travel in 2 rows of 50, four rows of 25 . . . and the division begins. One Hundred Hungry Ants is not only a spirited and whimsical story, but also serves as an enjoyable visual introduction to math. Find it here on Amazon.

I'll Teach My Dog 100 Words

I’ll Teach My Dog 100 Words

The ultimate introduction to words, Dr. Seuss style! Perfect for introducing your child to reading! Introduced by the Cat in the Hat and featuring a selection of Dr. Seuss artwork and rhyming sentences, I’ll Teach My Dog 100 Words shows young children how easy it is to learn to read – even for a dog. Each spread features five rhyming sentences, each positioned alongside a colourful flap which lifts to reveal a rhyming word and more delightful Seuss artwork. With a novelty child-safe mirror on the final page, this storybook is a joy to read with your child. Find it here on Amazon.

100 Bears

100 Bears

Math has never been this much fun! Way better than your ordinary counting book, this real bear caper tells a wacky, witty, wonderful story too! In an anarchic tale of hunters, feasts, and marauding beasts, we chase the numbers 1–100 through mountains, forests, and cities.

Printed with gorgeous and vibrant colors, this stunning tome recalls the innovation and boldness of Blexbolex’s People and Seasons, albeit with its own distinct artistic mark. 100 Bears effortlessly distills the complex into the entertaining for a new generation of book-loving kids. Jam-packed with intricate detail on every page, children are sure to uncover something new and exciting with each reading. Find it here on Amazon.

From One to One Hundred

From One to One Hundred

In this ingenious counting book, more than 2,500 items are imaginatively arranged in a dazzling display of detail, color and inventiveness. Kansas State Reading Circle Recommended List. Young Hoosier Picture Book Award Master List. Full-color illustrations. Find it here on Amazon.

Sign Language: My First 100 Words

Sign Language: My First 100 Words

A fresh new beginner’s guide to American Sign Language–with a poster of the sign language alphabet!

Featuring cool computer-generated illustrations and a simple kid-friendly design, this reference book for the youngest readers makes learning sign language fun and easy! Learn 100 basic signs for everyday use in helpful categories, such as Food, Colors, Animals, In the Classroom, and more! Also included are instructions on how to fingerspell the entire alphabet and numbers.

For quick reference, this book also comes with a bonus full-size poster of the ASL alphabet–perfect for home or the classroom! Find it here on Amazon.

100 Hungry Monkeys

100 Hungry Monkeys

This playful picture book encourages pre-readers and early readers to explore the concept of 100. Unusual in that it is a narrative-driven counting book, it offers a delightful and lively story about 100 hungry monkeys who set out to find themselves some food. Once their bellies are full, they all settle in for a nap, but then a monster suddenly appears. They fear he wants to make them lunch, so they all run for their lives. All ends well, however, once the monkeys realize the monster really just wants to be their friend. This book works well, with the emphasis on 100, in the math curricula for the early grades, and it would make an excellent tie-in for the important celebrations of the 100th day of the school year. As well, since the monkeys are described using a different adjective on every page — from excited to brave to sleepy — it would also make an excellent resource for a language arts lesson about the parts of speech. Find it here on Amazon.

One Hundred Days (Plus One)

One Hundred Days (Plus One)

Hannah’s teacher plans a party to celebrate the one hundredth day of school. But on the day of the big party, Hannah is too sick to go. She misses out on the fun! But when she returns the next school day, Hanna finds that adding one can make things extra special. Find it here on Amazon.

100 Animals on Parade

100 Animals on Parade!

With hundreds of colorful animals to count and hundreds of hilarious details to hunt, this unconventional counting book guarantees hundreds of hours of fun! Find it here on Amazon.

Let's Count to 100!

Let’s Count to 100!

Let’s Count to 100! comprises 11 bright panoramas, each featuring a delightful assortment of 100 different objects. Readers are invited to count the items and are also challenged to find specific details, such as a mouse with a red bow or a lone rabbit amid a giant flock of sheep. This book is packed with appealing images of children, fish, cats, moles and other cute critters — no two of which are alike — and readers will enjoy the many different moods and expressions on display. Each spread is also full of hidden dramas youngsters will love discovering for themselves, such as a hungry piranha poised to take a nibble of an elephant’s pink trunk. Kids will also like spotting how each scene, such as a meandering stream or a bustling cityscape, visually connects to the one that came before and the one that follows. Find it here on Amazon.

One Hundred Shoes

One Hundred Shoes

Centipede has one hundred feet. One hundred feet means one hundred shoes. How in the world does Centipede choose shoes? This Math Reader clearly demonstrates the concepts of pairs and multiple sets, all in simple, rollicking, rhythmic text and with bright, graphic illustrations. Find it here on Amazon.

Henry's 100 Days of Kindergarten

Henry’s 100 Days of Kindergarten

On the first day of kindergarten in September, Ms. Bradley says, “Each day of school I will add a jelly bean to this jar. When there are 100 jelly beans we’ll have a party to celebrate 100 days of kindergarten.” What will Henry and his classmates do until the big day? In October, they share special things at show and tell. In November, they remember what they are thankful for. December brings a day to play in the snow, and in January, Henry discovers a favorite library book. Before they know it, the 100th day arrives! Now how will they celebrate? Find it here on Amazon.

Ms. Goozenpop's Crazy 100th School Day

Ms. Goozenpop’s Crazy 100th School Day

Ms. Goozenpop’s class is celebrating their 100th day of school. It all starts off well, but when you bring in 100 little creatures, and they soon start running amuck — well, things tend to get a bit… crazy. This humorous rhyming book is a follow up to Sandy’s first book, ‘Ms. Goozenpop’s Crazy Alphabet Show and Tell,’ where poor Ms. Goozenpop can’t seem to catch a break. The day starts off wiht the best of intentions, with the class celebrating their 100th day of school. Soon things take a chaotically funny turn when things get a bit out of hand. Find it here on Amazon.

You Can Count on Monsters

You Can Count on Monsters: The First 100 Numbers and Their Characters

Using a unique teaching tool designed to motivate kids to learn, this volume visually explores the concepts of factoring and the role of prime and composite numbers. The playful and colorful monsters are designed to give children (and even older audiences) an intuitive understanding of the building blocks of numbers and the basics of multiplication. The introduction and appendices can also help adult readers answer questions about factoring from their young audience. The artwork is crisp and creative and the colors are bright and engaging, making this volume a welcome deviation from standard math texts. Find it here on Amazon.

Celebrate 100 Days

Celebrate 100 Days

Are you learning how to count to 100? The students in this book are learning how, too. Their teacher is helping them by celebrating their 100th day of school. They have fun counting all kinds of things, such as seashells, marbles, and popcorn, in sets of 100. Find it here on Amazon.

My First 100 Words in Spanish and English

My First 100 Words in Spanish and English

Learning a foreign language has never been this much fun! Just pull the sturdy tabs and change the words under the pictures from English to Spanish and back again to English! Find it here on Amazon.

...89, 99, 100! Ready or Not, Here I Come!

98, 99, 100! Ready or Not, Here I Come!

Counting to 100 in multiples of fives, tens and twenties comes into play when four girls share a game of hide-and-seek. Find it here on Amazon.

One Hundred Shining Candles!

One Hundred Shining Candles

This well-loved storybook has been reissued with enhanced reproduction and many newly created illustrations just in time for a warm Christmas read under a cozy quilt by the light of a flickering fire.

Ten-year-old Lucy is a pioneer girl in the Upper Canada of 1800. Her imagination fired by the schoolmaster’s stories of Christmas memories, Lucy sets about making a special Yuletide gift — something her frail mother will be able to remember and cherish forever. But even with the unwelcome help of her little brother, Dan, making one hundred handmade candles to light on Christmas night is a daunting task. Limited supplies and resources make the job that much harder, but in the end it is Lucy’s own bossiness that nearly causes a disaster. Deeply disappointed in herself, Lucy accepts the sacrifice Dan offers to make, and together the children manage to create the most wonderful of all Christmases. Find it here on Amazon.

Many Ways to 100

Many Ways to 100

Text and photographs show the different ways of counting to one hundred. Find it here on Amazon.

David Carter's 100: Lift the Flaps and Learn to Count!

David Carter’s 100: Lift the Flaps and Learn to Count!

Flaps upon flaps upon flaps—100 of them—are layered on top of each other like gift boxes filled with surprises. Acclaimed master paper engineer and illustrator David Carter offers children a magical experience as they uncover an array of 100 wonderful things in a variety of landscapes. From zippy city streets—where successive flaps open to show a truck, taxi, bicycle, scooter, and skateboarder—to scenes deep undersea, in the forest, and in a prehistoric world with dinosaurs, this clever, visually astonishing book will amaze kids…and teach them to count up to 100 too! Find it here on Amazon.

If You Lived 100 Years Ago

… If You Lived 100 Years Ago

Readers travel back in time to explore life in New York City 100 years ago, where there’s not a television or computer in sight! This illustrated guide reveals how people both rich and poor dressed, traveled, dined. And entertained. Find it here on Amazon.


How to Celebrate the 100th Day of School

Collecting children’s literature is a great way to begin your 100th Day of School celebration. Learn how I celebrate the 100th Day in my own classroom and discover new ideas to help the day come alive for your students too!

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