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BIG Updates to help you Label Your Classroom Library… Now Featuring Accelerated Reader Labels

Summer is here and it is time to get organized! Most elementary teachers have a classroom library for their students to use throughout the school year. Setting up, organizing, and making a classroom library look attractive can be a BIG job!

Fortunately, Classroom Library Labels from Kinder-Craze help you transform your classroom library into a beautiful space that you will love and your students can easily help you maintain!

library labels black sereis cover pic

New and Improved Library Labels

When my Classroom Library Labels were launched this spring (available with either a traditional white or a bold black background), the original sets only contained thematic and Guided Reading leveled labels. That was a great start, but requests were rolling in to make the packs even better. It took several weeks and a lot of late nights, but the product improvements are now complete and the labels are now better than ever!

Both the {Black Series} and {White Series} now include leveled labels for DRA levels and  Accelerated Reader levels, in addition to the original Guided Reading levels. As an added bonus, BOTH SETS OF CLASSROOM LIBRARY LABELS NOW INCLUDED EDITABLE POWERPOINT FILES with embedded fonts so you can create any labels to accommodate your own thematic/organizational needs that will match the original labels perfectly.

white library labels pic

AR Labels Deliver Extra Customization

As I worked on the library label updates, I often asked Kinder-Craze Facebook fans what product features would work best for their classroom needs. One thing I learned quickly is that many teachers have VERY SPECIFIC organizational needs for their Accelerated Reader levels. For example, schools often have pre-determined colors that coordinate with each level; some teachers prefer all Level 1 (which include sub levels 1.0 through 1.9) to be the same color; other teachers prefer to separate the sub-levels for easy student reference.

Although my Classroom Library Labels include the labels for organizing Accelerated Reader books, I decided to create a separate (much larger) product for teachers with very specific needs as they organize their Accelerated Reader books.

EDITABLE library labels for Accelerated Reader books

Accelerated Reader Library Labels are available in {Black Series} or {White Series} and include labels for EVERY single sub-level (0.1 to 9.9) in SEVEN different colors… pink, orange, yellow, lime, teal, blue, and purple. The entire pack is bursting with options and includes OVER 1,000 PAGES to meet all of your labeling needs.

Two different sizes of box labels are included for each level/color combination in the set, as well as book labels that are formatted to print on Avery 5160 mailing labels.

accelerated reader black labels

How to Effectively Label Your Classroom Library

Now that you have seen what is included in the pack, let me show you how these labels work. The following photos use the Thematic labels included in the Classroom Library Labels pack as an example, but the same sizes and styles of labels are included throughout each pack.

EDITABLE Classroom Library Labels. Label your library in 6 easy steps!

Print the box labels that best suit your needs. In this case, I printed the small box labels. The black series uses a lot of ink, but they look stunning when printed on a laser printer, such as the HP LaserJet Pro 400 that I use at home.

EDITABLE Classroom Library Labels

Laminate the the box labels. I love the quality that my Scotch thermal laminator delivers.

EDITABLE Classroom Library Labels

Cut to separate box labels and remove white edges.

EDITABLE Classroom Library Labels

Use a hot glue gun to apply the labels to plastic boxes.
This creates a firm bond, but also pops easily off when you want to remove the labels.

EDITABLE Classroom Library Labels

Cut strips from coordinating book labels and attach to each book to be filed in the box. This enables students to easily and independently return books to the proper box when they are finished reading.

EDITABLE Classroom Library Labels

I love, love, LOVE the finished look of my classroom library and you will too!

gorgeous library labels!

gorgeous classroom library

Now that you have discovered the perfect labels for your classroom library, are you ready to level your books but have no idea where to begin? I have dedicated an entire blog post to helping you get started with amazing FREE and paid resources. Click the image below to find out more.


Which other organizational projects are on your summer bucket list?

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Maria Gavin

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  1. I have a quick question: Do your Kinders have any trouble getting books out of the Big Lots magazine holders? I love the idea of using them for themes that I don’t have a lot of books for, but I thought they may be a little tall and not easy to flip through. Currently I have lower, larger baskets (Dollar Tree) on the black wire shelves from Target. Thanks!

  2. Hey there!!! I was about to make these for my own library but wow yours are awesome!!! Can I feature them on my blog?! I’m still super new at this blogging stuff. Just wanted to ask you first! Thanks!!!

  3. Just wanted to let you know that the link for the blog about tools to help level your library is not working. Thanks.

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