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Classroom Supply Labels are FINALLY Here!

Hello everyone! I am so, so, SO happy to share a brand new (and highly anticipated) organizational product for your classroom on the blog today. Editable Classroom Supply Labels are finally here!

brightly colored bins on a classroom shelf labeled with various school supplies

Fans have been BEGGING me to list the Classroom Supply Labels on TpT ever since they saw this photo on Instagram several months ago.  I snapped it on a Friday afternoon on my way out the door to start the weekend.

About the Classroom Supply Labels

This editable set of classroom labels is available with a bold, black background or with a clean, white background to conserve printer ink. Each set includes a PDF jam packed with pre-formatted labels in two different sizes: small labels measuring 3.3×1.9″ and larger labels measuring 4.5×3.5″.

printable, editable labels with black or white backgrounds to organize teacher and classroom school supplies

A separate PowerPoint file provides and editable version of the labels so you can easily create endless labels to meet your own personal classroom rules. Editing the files is simple: just replace the text in the text boxes (or add additional text boxes).

Preparing the Labels for Classroom Use

Using Classroom Supply Labels labels is simple. Just print your desired labels, laminate the pages and cut to separate. Then trim to remove any excess white margins, and attach the labels to any desired classroom objects. They are great for plastic bins, but will also work well on table boxes, file cabinets, student cubbies… the sky is the LIMIT!

step by step guide to printing, prepping, and labeling classroom bins for school supply storage

I use the black labels in my classroom in my own classroom. Most of these bins are from Big Lots (go shopping for them NOW because they sell out FAST). The two different label sizes are PERFECT for when you have multiple box sizes in your own classroom.

bright pink, green, blue and yellow bins labeled for school supply storage on a classroom shelf

When you use multiple colors of storage containers in the classroom (like I do) it is important to create some type of visual consistency to keep the classroom from looking too cluttered. This set of Classroom Supply Labels does just the trick!

brightly colored bins labeled for teacher storage and organization

The teacher’s space can EASILY become the most cluttered space in the entire classroom. I love how easily I can store my guided reading supplies, materials for a week’s worth of work, future book orders, instructional manuals and SO MUCH MORE neatly behind the tall bins from Big Lots and all visitors see is a row of magazine bins neatly lined up and clearly labeled. (The larger bins with the dots are also from Big Lots and I LOVE how durable they are.)

organized teacher desk area in kindergarten classroom with bins neatly lined up and labeled with classroom supplies

The entire bookshelf looks simply stunning.

brightly colored bins on classroom shelf labeled and organized to store teacher and school supplies

I even used the labels on the front of my file cabinets. I wanted to make a BOLD statement so I used the large label size. I was worried about using a strong adhesive that would damage my spray painted file cabinets, so I just used a little scotch tape in each corner. This was perfect for applying my labels and I am certain that the hold will be durable enough for my purposes.

Looking for more tips and inspiration to help you get (and stay) organized this year in the classroom? Follow my Orgranization Made Easy Pinterest Board. Follow Maria Manore (Kinder-Craze)’s board Organization Made Easy on Pinterest.

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Maria Gavin

Maria is a former kindergarten and first grade teacher, with 13 years of teaching experience. Her love and passion for all things early childhood is now fulfilled as a mom to two amazing kids. She loves sharing practical and creative tips and ideas that are perfect for young learners – in the classroom or at home!

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21 Responses

    1. I have spent hours searching for something similar in Australia – no luck yet 🙁

      Always struggle to find pretty classroom containers in Perth

  1. I already scooped up what they had in my colors from the local BigLots but my classroom library is only half done. 🙁 wish there was a way to order more online or have them sent from another store!

  2. *my other post didn’t show…so I am doing it again!
    I love that your sale goes on through Monday…I don’t shop on Sunday’s! I am definitely getting these classroom labels! I love the colors…I just don’t know if I should get the white and print it on black paper or black and try to print it (some printers don’t work)! AAAAAAH, the dilemma!
    I got some baskets from Big Lots …but they only had enough of the black ones. I hope to go to the newly remodeled one by me to get the colored ones. I might try what Emily Draper did…cry and beg the manager to order what I need! Thanks for the great ideas everyone!

  3. WoW!! I love how organized and colourful your storage reading area looks!! I am definitely going on a Big Lots shopping spree tomorrow!! Thanks for sharing.:-)

    1. Hi Jess!
      Those tall bins are from Big Lots. They only carry them in the summer and the colors available change every year. Keep your eyes open and start praying for colors that match your classroom 🙂

      1. What are the bins called from Big Lots? You can now buy online but I can’t seem to find them! 🙁

        1. Hi Sarah, they are called magazine storage boxes and they aren’t listed online because they are a seasonal item

    1. Hi Megan,
      That shelf came built-in with my classroom. The entire building is outfitted with them. I have no idea where you would go to purchase a unit like that. Sorry!

    1. I laminate the labels and use a dab of hot glue in each of the 4 corners. The glue has a great bond that pops cleanly off whenever you are ready to switch the labels. I highly recommend using hot glue!

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