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FREE St. Patrick’s Day Emergent Reader

I have the perfect resource for you to bring the true story of St. Patrick into your classroom. I love a good leprechaun shenanigan as much as the next person, but there is so much more to this Roman Catholic Holiday than just rainbows and leprechauns. That’s why I created my latest Interactive Sight Word Reader – to help children learn a few facts about St. Patrick and his life. The best part is that this St. Patrick’s Day Emergent Reader is absolutely FREE.

FREE emergent reader to teach about St. Patrick's Day

Interactive Sight Word Readers are the perfect books to put into the hands of young children because they teach sight words and have predictable text inside, which make them great “just right” books for little ones.

The featured sight word (in this case – WAS) is printed in big, bold letters right on the cover of the book. Children can color the word, which instantly begins to imprint the word on their brains while they work.

FREE Interactive Sight Word Reader for St. Patrick's Day

Each page of this St. Patrick’s Day emergent reader tells a true fact about St. Patrick’s life. A sweet image portraying each of these facts accompanies the text throughout the book. The graphics are perfect for coloring!

FREE St. Patrick's Day emergent readerFREE emergent reader for St. Patrick's Day

Once the coloring is complete, the real work begins! Each page of “St. Patrick was a Saint” is missing the word “was.” Children need to complete the book by cutting out the letters to spell “was” and gluing them in the correct order onto every page. It’s a very meaningful way to engage with the focus sight word and really learn how to spell the word “was.”

free emergent reader to practice sight wordsteach the sight word "WAS" while learning about St. PatrickFREE St. Patrick's Day emergent reader

work on sight words while learning about St. PatrickFREE Interactive Sight Word Reader to teach about St. Patrick

When this St. Patrick’s Day emergent reader is finally complete, it is ready to read!

FREE emergent reader to teach about St. Patrick

Every page begins with the phrase “St. Patrick was,” which helps to build reading confidence. Some of the other words are a challenge, but they can be learned with a little bit of practice and modeling.

FREE emergent reader to teach about St. PatrickFREE Interactive Sight Word Reader to teach about St. Patrick

The very last page of the book reminds children that St. Patrick was a saint!

FREE emergent reader to teach about St. Patrick

Download Your Free St. Patrick’s Day Emergent Reader

I love sharing free resources with you, especially when they help to foster faith development in young children. This Interactive Sight Word Reader about Saint Patrick is yours for free. Just enter your email, then check your email. The emergent reader will be delivered directly to your inbox!

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Maria Gavin

Maria is a former kindergarten and first grade teacher, with 13 years of teaching experience. Her love and passion for all things early childhood is now fulfilled as a mom to two amazing kids. She loves sharing practical and creative tips and ideas that are perfect for young learners – in the classroom or at home!

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  1. I love these and have most of them!! One step that I add is they have to write the sight word in pencil on each page and then I pass out the mixed letters. We call it mix and fix:) Thank you for these great resources!!

    1. Very sensible idea to have them write—in pencil or in colors—the highlighted word on each page first…even doing away with the cut-and-paste part (which, time-consuming as it is, does next to nothing in comparison with having them practice the writing then reading of the word).

  2. Just worried with the use of “was” in the sentence “St. Patrick was a saint” is theologically incorrect because it would me St. Patrick stopped being a saint in the Catholic church. St. Patrick IS a saint!

  3. Maria
    I originally purchased both Bundles of Books on Teachers Notebook over 4 years ago. They were downloaded onto my school computer. We were given new computers and everything was wiped out. I just realized that Teachers Notebook has closed. Do I need to repurchase them on TpT or is there a way to still access them. I use these every week!

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