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More Christmas Ideas and a Freebie

The holiday spirit is alive and well in my Kindergarten classroom and I am so excited to share a glimpse of our festivities with you.

Handmade Gifts

One of my very sweet kinders moved to California in November and my whole class misses him very much. We wanted to do something special as a gift for our California friend, so we made Christmas decorations for him in class. Last week Jennifer from First Grade Blue Skies shared this ADORABLE Easy Ornament freebie. This was the perfect project for our dear friend. We made our ornaments on 4.5×6″ sheets of construction paper and I scaled down the ornament toppers on a copy machine then used silver ribbon to string them together. I also let my kiddos use fancy scissors (aka pinking sheers) to cut their paper strips. Once the project was finished, I took a class photo of everyone with the ornament garland as our Christmas card. It was precious!
cute and simple ornament craft

Reindeer Food

Every year Santa makes a surprise visit to our classroom the night before our class Christmas party. He comes in the middle of the night and leaves behind the materials to make magic reindeer food. Santa stopped by a few hours earlier than usual this year and left his magical goodies while I was still at school. He left the magical ingredients, as well a letter to my class and the Top-Secret Recipe for Santa’s Super-Special Magic Reindeer Food. My kiddos are going to have so much fun making this tomorrow!

Reindeer Food Kit with letter from Santa, "Top Secret Recipe" and zipper bag labels - only $1
Make reindeer food"from rolled oats and magic gold (glitter)
used rolled oats and glitter to make magic reindeer food
Reindeer Food Kit with letter from Santa, "Top Secret Recipe" and zipper bag labels - only $1

You can download a Santa’s Super-Secret Magic Reindeer Food Kit to prepare for when Santa visits your classroom as well! The download includes a letter from Santa, his Top-Secret Reindeer Food recipe, and labels for zipper baggies. This product is priced at $1 (and is a great value) but I am so excited to share it with you, that I will leave this as a FREE item for 24 hours. Grab it for FREE while you can!
Santa's Super-Special Magic Reindeer Food Kit - FREE for 24 hours!

Christmas Countdown

I also have a forever FREEBIE to share with you. Remember my classroom Countdown to Christmas Sign?
You can download this for FREE and create a countdown sign for your own classroom. Just print, trim the white border off of each page, glue onto 12×18 construction paper and laminate! You can use it as a dry-erase surface after laminating, but I recommend using clear tape to affix a clear transparency to the writing area (this will help your marks to erase MUCH more easily!)

6 Days ‘Til Christmas and only 2 “wake-ups” left before vacation begins!

More Christmas Inspiration

If you are looking for more great Christmas-themed posts, click on any of the posts below. They are filled with fun decoration projects and great Christmas gift ideas for those who matter most in your life.

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Maria Gavin

Maria is a former kindergarten and first grade teacher, with 13 years of teaching experience. Her love and passion for all things early childhood is now fulfilled as a mom to two amazing kids. She loves sharing practical and creative tips and ideas that are perfect for young learners – in the classroom or at home!

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  1. Maria, Thank you for being so inspiring, generous, talented & fun! God has certainly blessed me (& many others) by intersecting our paths! I LOVE your posts, your enthusiasm, your ideas. Thank you thank you thank you!

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Hi, I'm Maria.

I’m a former kindergarten teacher turned work-from-home mom. I still love sharing ideas and resources to make teaching easier, so you can focus on what really matters in the classroom. When I’m not working on the blog, you’ll find me chasing kids around the house with a cold cup of coffee in my hand (some things never change even once you’re out of the classroom!)


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