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A New Book Banner for a New Year

Way back in October, I set myself to the task of making a new DIY project for my classroom decor. The back wall of my classroom has a huge bulletin board that spans across it (which I fill with lots of colorful resources for my kinders) but there was about four feet of unused wall space above the board. It it WAY too high up for me to change out throughout the year, but I didn’t want the “empty canvas” to go to waste.  A brightly colored book banner (similar to the one that spans across my windows) seemed like the perfect solution! I gathered my supplies and began my latest classroom creation. If you’re a Facebook fan, you may recall this  preview photo I posted at the time.

I actually completed my book banner in December. But I was so swamped planning my classroom Christmas party and making freebies to share with all of you, that I never had a chance to write about my latest classroom improvement…until now.

Here’s a photo from my classroom that was taken in August. You can see the brightly decorated bulletin board that spans across the back wall as well as the very boring space above the the bulletin board.  In a room with so much color and fun, that BLAH space drove me crazy!

Here is the transformation with my newly-created book cover banner. I love how it fills the space with color, but isn’t too busy. The book banner fits perfectly into my classroom environment.

If you want to create a book banner of your own, check out the video tutorial I created this summer (I made the video before my classroom was decorated. You will see my ugly file cabinet before it was spray painted and my boring bulletin boards pre-polka dot.) You can also read my original  book banner blog post with step-by-step information.

A great big thank-you goes out to my good friend (and amateur photographer extraordinaire) Steve Thompson for taking the beautiful “before” and “after” photos of my classroom!

Get Yourself Some Book Covers

If you don’t currently have any hardcover children’s books (or their covers) in your classroom. I have a few ideas for getting your hands on some:

  • Ask classroom parents. If you tell your parents that you are working on a project to beautify your classroom, they might be thrilled to contribute!
  • Beg your friends. Many of my friends have young children. I put a message on my personal Facebook page and it helped me get my hands on a few more covers.
  • Shop used book sales. This sounds like it will be expensive, but I promise, it is NOT. I needed to enhance my own collection of book covers for this little project so I took a trip to my local library’s used book sale. I acquired at least a dozen hardcover books (plus 20-30 paperback books for my classroom) for $12. You might find this previous blog post on Used Book Sale Shopping helpful.

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Maria Gavin

Maria is a former kindergarten and first grade teacher, with 13 years of teaching experience. Her love and passion for all things early childhood is now fulfilled as a mom to two amazing kids. She loves sharing practical and creative tips and ideas that are perfect for young learners – in the classroom or at home!

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24 Responses

  1. I love this! I will have to try it! I hate getting rid of any book covers but they are so pointless to use because they always get ruined. This will be the perfect fix!

    I just noticed your alphabet bulletin board. Do you add pictures of things that start with each letter as you learn the letters each week? I think that is such a great idea if so!


  2. Ok, I just watched your video (you are so cute 🙂 and forget report cards,I want to make a banner. Thanks for the easy step by step instructions. I have soooo many book covers, I always take them off and save them. I know the perfect bland spot in my room….cannot wait to try this !! Great way to beat the January blahs !!

  3. Maria,
    I found your video tutorial on you tube this summer and did it. I am just now putting 2 and 2 together. (Mainly because you just posted about it.) I have gotten soooooo many compliments on my book banner and couldn’t remember where I found the idea. I am so glad I can give you the credit!!! I love it. Thanks for the fabulous idea and tutorial!

    Kindergarten Boom Boom

  4. WOW, Im totally in love with you room. Its so adorable, I love the yellow. It makes the room have such a happy and comfy feeling. Love the decoration as well. I’m in love with everything, great job 🙂

  5. Maria, OMG you got a new blog look? right? I was just saying to myself this looks different. I totally love it, its so poppy and cute!

    Vanessa @

  6. You have got an interior designer bone in you for sure! Your room is AMAZING! I’ve got a question for you you about the banner. Do you think it would look too blah if I photocopied book covers (since they’d all be the same size that is)? We don’t normally get many book with jackets so I was thinking I could color copy & laminate book covers. But to match size would skyrocket the cost. Color copy alone would be outrageous but this is so cute and I have a space above my closets that has annoyed me for years!!!

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Hi, I'm Maria.

I’m a former kindergarten teacher turned work-from-home mom. I still love sharing ideas and resources to make teaching easier, so you can focus on what really matters in the classroom. When I’m not working on the blog, you’ll find me chasing kids around the house with a cold cup of coffee in my hand (some things never change even once you’re out of the classroom!)


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