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Second Grade Nautical Theme Classroom Makeover

I may have stepped out of the classroom this year to be at home with my daughter, but I still can’t resist a good classroom makeover. This past summer, I transformed my friend’s second grade classroom into a nautical … wonderland? I honestly don’t know what I should call this oceanic oasis.

Free Bulletin Board Pennant Letters for Quick and Easy Decor

teacher holding up bulletin board pennant letters in first grade classroom printed on red, green, and yellow colored paper

It’s that time of year once again! Teachers are back in school, back in the full swing of things, and summer already feels like a distant memory. Of course, back to school season always seems to have a few surprises in store for teachers, students and administrators. There’s nothing like a last-minute staff change or classroom assignment to make a teacher panic. Bulletin board pennant letters are the perfect quick and easy decor hack for anyone who finds themselves scrambling to decorate their classroom as the first day of school approaches. Best of all, I have a set of FREE bulletin board letters! Keep scrolling to get your free classroom pennants.

Black and Bright First Grade Classroom Makeover with Astrobrights

bright first grade classroom with table seating, white walls and large black and white classroom rug

Last month, I was given the honor of traveling to Alexandria, Virginia to help Astrobrights give one very bright teacher a classroom makeover. You may remember that Astrobrights launched their Brightest Teacher contest in the spring. Parents, teachers, students, and administrators from across the country were invited to nominate a

Take a Tour of My Vintage Circus Kindergarten Classroom

vintage circus theme kindergarten classroom with colorful lanterns, student desks and bright bins on the shelves

It’s here! It’s finally here! I know it has been a few months in the making, but I am so ecstatic to finally share photos from my new classroom design with all of you today. I have so much to tell you about this amazing space. Just like my previous

Colorize Your Classroom with an Astrobrights DIY Paper Chain

I am beyond excited to announce that the Astrobrights Papers’ Colorize Your Classroom contest is back for another great year! The wonderful team at Astrobrights loves educators (almost as much as they love color!) and they want to encourage teachers to use color in their classrooms for a chance to

Video Tutorial: Decorative Vinyl Trees for the Classroom

It’s mid-July and teachers are beginning to dream, shop and set up for their classroom setup. After reading about my kindergarten classroom, countless readers have requested  more information on how I created the black trees that are displayed on my classroom walls. Today I am happy to answer all of

How to Layer Bulletin Board Borders

Do you love the look of layered borders on a classroom bulletin board but are stumped about how to get them just right? Did you try the “staple and tuck” method, only to end up with creases all over your beautiful borders? Today am thrilled to show you the best way to create beautiful layers for all of your classroom bulletin boards.

My Classroom Wasn’t Ready (And it was OK)

kindergarten students reading independently on the floor in a classroom that wasn't ready

Friends, I have confession to share with you today. It’s about my classroom. You know… my beautiful classroom. Last year, it wasn’t ready on the first day of school. Oh it was pretty and lanterns were hanging. And people walked in the room and gushed about how lovely it was.

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