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A Visit from St. Nicholas

Hello friends! Tomorrow is St. Nicholas Day and I had such a treat tonight. St. Nicholas visited my church. No, not Santa. St. Nicholas. Complete with a staff and mitre. He has visited my parish a few times in the past and tonight was the first time I attended. What a wonderful presentation! The children in the audience were captivated from the moment he entered the church.

a real, live visit from St. Nicholas
This little girl was completely enthralled.
a real, live visit from St. Nicholas
He stayed in-charater the entire time and taught the audience the history of St. Nicholas. He was wonderful to listen to as he shared his unique ministry with the young children of my church.
a real, live visit from St. Nicholas
At the end of the program, the audience was treated to a little fun with Jolly Old St. Nick. He discussed how the traditional bishop’s clothing of St. Nicholas evolved into the current garb of Santa Claus. As he discussed the cloak, hat, beard, and staff; St. Nicholas slowly attired a boy from the audience in Santa’s clothing.
a real, live visit from St. Nicholas
Once Santa was fully-outfitted, he needed some reindeer! More children from the audience were selected to play this important role. The sweet cutie in the red dress just couldn’t get close enough. She walked herself right onto the stage when Santa needed a Rudolph. It was precious.
a real, live visit from St. Nicholas

About the Presenter

By now, you’re probably wondering who this wonderful presenter is and where he came from. (I know I was!) This particular St. Nicholas is actually a local Michigander. Based out of Livonia, Michigan; Fr. Joseph Marquis has over 40 years of experience portraying “Father Christmas.” He previously served as the “official Santa” of the J.L. Hundson Thanksgiving Day parade (a Detroit tradition.) Today, Fr. Marquis runs the St. Nicholas Institute where he provides multi-day seminars to train others in the live portrayal of Santa or St. Nicholas. What a unique and special man!

St. Nicholas Resources

Looking for St. Nicholas resources to use in the classroom? You can download a FREE St. Nicholas Mitre hat craftivity or a special Interactive Sight Word Reader entitled “Here is St. Nicholas.” St. Nicholas Center is another wonderful website that offers an abundance of resources and St. Nick themed activities for children.
"Here is St. Nicholas" FREE emergent reader
FREE St. Nicholas Mitre hat craft
I couldn’t resist… I had to have my photo taken with St. Nicholas too!
a real, live visit from St. Nicholas
Have a blessed St. Nicholas Day!

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