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Fire Prevention Month Ideas, Resources, and a FREEBIE

October is Fire Prevention month and I have some great ideas to share with you!

The local fire department is an excellent resource for teachers. In past years we have had firefighters visit the school to speak with our students about the importance of fire safety. Another fantastic idea is to go visit your local fire station. Each year, my students walk to visit the fire station. It is my kinders’ absolute favorite field trip of the year. They just LOVE seeing the fire trucks, the equipment, and the sleeping quarters.

kindergarten class on field trip for fire prevention month grouped around firetruck as firefighter talks to them

My favorite part of the field trip is watching a firefighter put on all of his safety gear (complete with air tank and face mask). The guys at the station do such a wonderful job of educating my kindergarteners on the importance of fire safety and this demonstration teaches them a BIG lesson. Firefighters can look scary when they enter a smoke-filled house and are hidden beneath all their big, heavy gear. By seeing an actual firefighter put each piece of safety clothing on one piece at a time, my students learn that it really is just a regular person under all that gear. Ok, maybe not just a regular person. A hero, actually. A hero that is just trying to keep them safe.

one firefighter wearing safety gear while another explains the importance of each piece

Looking for great resources to incorporate fire safety into your ELA curriculum?

Keep reading!

Firefighter Color by Number Freebie

First up, a freebie! I created a simple Color by Number Firefighter page. We have already done a few of these in my classroom and my kinders are hooked! For a fun twist, each student is given a die and it becomes a roll and cover activity. It’s also a great way to review color words.

color by number fire prevention month activity neatly colored sitting on kindergarten desk with crayons
firefighter color by number free download colored in with crayons surrounding it

If your day is as jam-packed as mine, I’m sure your instructional time is in short supply. I especially love this activity because each full-page printed sheet is divided to create 2 coloring pages. This coloring activity is short and sweet. (And so much fun!)

color by number firefighter cover free download

This Firefighter Color by Number page is yours for FREE! If you love it, I would greatly appreciate your feedback on TpT. Click here to download your freebie!

Firefighter Emergent Reader

Of course, no unit of study in kindergarten would be complete without an Interactive Sight Word Reader! Our firefighting heroes are the subject of this book and I think it just might be my new favorite reader in the collection! This Interactive Reader is titled “Who is the Hero?” and features the sight word “who.”

"who is the hero" fire prevention month activity book sitting on student desk with the word "who" colored with red and black crayon

If you aren’t already familiar with the Interactive Sight Word Readers, they are a huge hit with kindergarten and first grade teachers. Each page of the book contains a predictable sentence that is missing a sight word. The books also contain a cutting page with the necessary letters to complete the missing word. Students cut out, unscramble, and glue the letters on each page to complete the sentence. The best part? Once the book is complete, each child has a “just right” book that they are experts at reading. These are a perfect addition to our classroom book boxes for read to self time!

fire safety sight word reader on kindergarten desk with the letters of the word "who" glued down to complete the sentence "who has a red truck?"
interactive sight word reader on child's desk with firefighter colored in crayon and the word "who" glued down to complete the sentence "who is it?"

Click to purchase “Who is the Hero?” on Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook.

Of course, this title is one of 88 books included in the Bundle of Books (a huge bargain!)

Click to purchase the Bundle of Books on Teachers Pay Teachers.

New! I just listed a Fall Fun Mini-Bundle of Interactive Sight Word Readers in my store. This set of 8 books is discounted 25%. Its is a great way to try a variety of fall-themed books.

Purchase the Fall Fun Mini Bundle on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Do you do anything special in your classroom for Fire Safety Month?
I would love to hear about it!

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Maria Gavin

Maria is a former kindergarten and first grade teacher, with 13 years of teaching experience. Her love and passion for all things early childhood is now fulfilled as a mom to two amazing kids. She loves sharing practical and creative tips and ideas that are perfect for young learners – in the classroom or at home!

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  1. THANKS for the freebie! My kids LOVE all of your color by numbers! Would be interested in purchasing some…I appreciate all of the freebie ones too though:)

  2. It must’ve been an exciting trip for all of you! The firefighters are truly heroes, because they risk their lives to do their line of work. I bet there are a lot of things that the kids have learned from this trip, like the hazards of playing with fire and such. Thanks for sharing, and stay safe!

    Ron Griffith @ HASAW

  3. I appreciate a freebie, but I would appreciate more if after going through hoops I would actually get the freebie.

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