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FREE Alphabet Chart for Students

It’s not even July yet, and teachers (myself included) are already planning and getting ready for the Back to School frenzy. Educators from across the country have discovered my resources and are hungry for more; so I have been busy updating and adding to my {Black Series} and {White Series} classroom resource collections. I’ve also been planning and preparing to get my own classroom ready to go back to school.

vintage circus theme kindergarten classroom with colorful lanterns, student desks and bright bins on the shelves

Alphabet Sound Chart FREEBIE

I am so happy to FINALLY be able to share one of the best teacher-suggested additions to my TpT store with you today: my newest ALPHABET SOUND CHART. And the truly amazing thing is that it is a FREEBIE. Teachers know the importance and value of consistency throughout the classroom. Especially for young students that are just starting to learn the alphabet. That’s why an all-new alphabet chart has been added to my TpT store that perfectly coordinates with my Alphabet Picture Cards and Word Wall Alphabet Headers.

Coordinates perfectly with these resources!

Click below to purchase any of the {White Series} alphabet products:
Word Wall Alphabet Headers
Alphabet Picture Cards
Classroom Rainbow Alphabet

How perfect is that?!?
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Coordinating Alphabet Resources

The {White Series} line of instructional classroom decor products is great alternative for teachers that are trying to conserve printer ink, but my heart belongs to the {Black Series} product line. Something about all of these pieces just adds an extra POP of color. The free alphabet chart download includes 2 charts: one with a traditional white background and another with a black background to provide the extra POP. I love, love, LOVE the black background.

Just like the {White Series} line, every single picture in {Black Series} alphabet products provides the same images for each letter across all products. Whether your students are looking at the Alphabet Picture Cards, Word Wall Headers, or Alphabet Sound Chart; you can rest assured that they will make faster connections between each letter and their corresponding sounds because students will always see the same set of images to represent the letters of the alphabet.

Coordinates perfectly with these resources!

Click below to purchase any of the {Black Series} alphabet products:

Word Wall Alphabet Headers
Alphabet Picture Cards
Classroom Rainbow Alphabet

Classroom Rules Subway Art

Have you seen my classroom rules? These are definitely a focal point of my kindergarten classroom and I love how they are posted at eye level for my students. Each time a student struggles with a specific rule, the two of us have a little meeting in front of the rules. We read the rule together and discuss better choices for behavior. I love my classroom rules and I adore how CUTE they look in my classroom.

kindergarten classroom with rules posters hanging on the wall in colorful picture frames

People always have a TON of questions about where I purchased my picture frames and how I painted them. I recently answered ALL of those questions in a detailed blog post. You can read all about my classroom rules by clicking (here).

Classroom Rules Subway Art is available with a bold black background or a traditional white background. Regardless of the style you choose, I know that the rules will look absolutely stunning posted in your own classroom!

Click a link below to purchase Classroom Rules for your classroom:
Classroom Rules Subway Art {Black Series}
Classroom Rules Subway Art {White Series}

Classroom Rules in scallop frames

Classroom Library Labels: Organization Made Easy

Organizing your classroom library this summer? Give your library a polished look with  EDITABLE Classroom Library Labels. The set is available in {Black Series} or {White Series} to coordinate with the rest of your classroom decor. I just finished a MAJOR update to this pack and it is currently one of my top-selling items. Check out what’s included in the set!

My own classroom library has organized and labels with the Editable {Black Series} set of classroom library labels. This is my favorite space in the classroom!

You can read more about my classroom library and how I successfully leveled my collection of books in this blog post. 

A beautifully organized classroom library with shelves filled with colorful books and labeled bins. The books are neatly arranged and sorted by genre, creating an inviting and engaging reading space for students.

The original sets of Editable Classroom Library Labels include basic labels for Accelerated Reader, but  I have discovered that many teachers have their own elaborate systems and color schemes for organizing AR labels. A supplemental set of Accelerated Reader Library Labels have been created to help the teachers with more specific needs. The entire pack includes over 1,000 pages and provides seven different colors for every single leveled label in the set. Accelerated Reader Library Labels are available in {Black Series} or {White Series}.

Number Resources for the Classroom

Help your students develop number recognition and number sense with coordinating products in the {Black Series} or {White Series} product line. From number lines, to domino cards; Kinder-Craze classroom resources have you covered.

Click to purchase {Black Series} Number Products:
Domino Number Cards
Domino Numeral Cards
Number Line 0-120
Number Line 121-200Click to purchase {White Series} Number Products:
Domino Number Cards
Domino Numeral Cards
Number Line 0-120
Number Line 121-200

Additional Instructional Resources

Do you discuss weather each day in your classroom?
Make note of the weather in a bright and colorful way with Daily Weather Cards. Whether you prefer the {Black Series} or {White Series} for classroom use, you will find coordinating pieces for both sets in this one weather product. It is the perfect enhancement to your classroom calendar!

Teach the basic shapes in a COLORFUL way…with Shape Posters!
Shape Posters {Black Series}
Shape Posters {White Series}

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Maria Gavin

Maria is a former kindergarten and first grade teacher, with 13 years of teaching experience. Her love and passion for all things early childhood is now fulfilled as a mom to two amazing kids. She loves sharing practical and creative tips and ideas that are perfect for young learners – in the classroom or at home!

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  1. I love the alphabet sound chart! However, I would not choose x-ray for X since the word does not use the correct sound for x. I would choose box or fox even though it does not start with X at least it uses the correct sound.

  2. Question for you Maria… how wide is your trimmers border for your alphabet word wall? It looks like you used multiple colors for your borders, love the look!! Just wondering how far you spaced everything! Thanks

  3. I have recently purchased some of your black collection from your tpt store. I love the bright colors!! Have you ever considered making a days of the week and months of the year chart? I am looking for something that will coordinate with your other items.

    1. Hi Amanda,
      That is a really great suggestion! I will add it to my list of product requests 🙂

  4. Can I use the ABC free download on my virtual classroom?
    It’s July 2020…I’m in Houston and I teach Pre-K.

    1. Hi Bonnie! Thank you so much for asking. Yes, you have my permission to share the alphabet chart online with your students and their families.

  5. Hi Maria,
    I’ve tried this, and I have not received the sheet. Could you please help? This looks awesome! Thank you!

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