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Before You See My Classroom, There’s Something You Should Know

As you know, I decided to completely redecorate my classroom this year. Just like my old classroom, this year’s decor is the result of a partnership between myself and Melanie from Schoolgirl Style. I spent the month of August working in my classroom, making decisions about all of the big elements that catch the eye when you first walk in. My first day of school was September 1 and I’ve been working on the details here and there as often as I can. You know as well as I do how crazy and completely exhausting it can be to head back to school. In between teaching my students, juggling paperwork and trying to be the best teacher I can for my new class; I have been slowly working to complete some detail projects for the classroom whenever I have some time to spare.

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kinder craze alphabet bulletin board

Each time I share anything on Facebook or Instagram, someone always asks when my classroom will finally be ready to share. The answer is always the same: soon. Believe it or not, the waiting is probably killing you more than it’s killing me. Just when I’m ready to throw in the towel and say, “Enough already! I’m taking these photos today!” I am inspired to complete one more detail to give my classroom a little extra pop. Then, I run out of time for photos. Believe me, it will be worth the wait. I want to leap for joy every time I tackle a fresh project and I know you swoon when you see it too.

But before you do see my new classroom, there’s something you need to know.

I have a small class this year.

kindergarten class line

Like… really small.

Seven students to be exact.

I know it’s crazy and I’m pretty sure it’s just a one-time thing. My school offers both half day kindergarten and a typical full-day kindergarten program. Parents can choose which program best meets the needs of their child (as well as their own schedules.) As you can imagine, most parents choose to enroll their students in full-day kindergarten, but there is always an interest in half day. This year the interest was particularly small and I find myself teaching 7 students each morning. I feel more like Mary Poppins than a regular kindergarten teacher, but I love every single moment of it. I have an opportunity to really get to know this group of students and shape my instruction to meet their needs in a whole new way.

I am counting this year as a monumental blessing for my mental health. Last year was all-consuming for me. I worked full time at school, managed Kinder Craze, launched my lifestyle blogplanned a wedding that was filled with personal details, and moved into a new home with my husband. To say that I was stressed out and exhausted is an understatement. It was a glorious year, but it wore me down and I spent my summer trying to recuperate from all of it.

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with my classroom and why I feel compelled to share this information with you today.

The answer is simple. With only 7 students, I also only have 7 desks in my classroom. As a result, the space looks huge. It’s not. It’s a regular classroom with some extra floor space because it isn’t overcrowded with desks. I want you to be prepared ahead of time so you don’t think my classroom is unusually gigantic. I’ll be the first to admit that I am blessed in many ways, but the size of my classroom is not out of the ordinary.

I know it seems like I’m taking forever, but the classroom is approaching completion. I rented a special lens for my camera just for my classroom reveal and I have to return it this week. So the classroom reveal is definitely coming soon. In the meantime, thank you so much for your enthusiasm and patience. It means the world to me.

In the meantime, I’m going back to work so I can finish these lovely details!

kindercraze classroom details

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Maria Gavin

Maria is a former kindergarten and first grade teacher, with 13 years of teaching experience. Her love and passion for all things early childhood is now fulfilled as a mom to two amazing kids. She loves sharing practical and creative tips and ideas that are perfect for young learners – in the classroom or at home!

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  1. Thanks! Enjoy your year! Do you teach 2 sessions? I taught a class of 8 once and found it was harder than teaching 16. There was not enough interaction!That was a Pre-K class maybe it is different in K! Have fun and enjoy! Think how quick progress reports will be!

  2. Wow! What a blessing! Only 7 students. I couldn’t imagine. The possibilities and how much they will gain from a 7 to 1 experience even if it is just half day since most academic work is half day anyway in a full day classroom.

  3. My first year teaching kindergarten, I taught half day and had 9 students. It was a wonderful experience. I ended up with 16 by the end of the year. Still a small group! I got to know my students so, soon well and we had a magical year together. Have a great year!!!! 🙂

  4. I have a small class this year, too, Maria; only 12 students. This is a rarity and one that I plan to enjoy! Hope you do the same! Enjoy your class, your new husband, and your life!

  5. Maria, I love it! My first two years of teaching were in a very small town where grades were combined. I taught Pre-K & K. I had 8 my first year and 6 the next. It was during those years, that I discovered your blog and started using so many of your great ideas! It was a teacher’s dream world. I loved every moment of it. Enjoy your smaller class sizes and getting to know your babies so much more.

  6. I too teach a small class. I have eight students this year. We moved buildings two years ago, and I went down from a double classroom (I had 9-12 kids in that huge room) to a room that is now only 10 feet across (but about 30 feet long). Space planning is just as important with a small group of students. Maybe even more so. It’s such a treat to have a small group. It makes it feel like a family (which might not always be a good thing). Enjoy your small class!

  7. Wow! Seven students! Our school wouldn’t keep it open for just that amount of kids. They would have put them into the full day class. Private schools are always a struggle to gauge numbers. I have a smaller class too this year- only 18. It feels like 24, but it is one of the smallest classes I have had. My afternoon Kindergarten class 3 years ago was 17. I have a Full-day Kindergarten with half-day option. I have 3 kids that go home right now in the afternoon. (Last year with the same option, I had 12 out of 20 go home at lunch.) That can be a planning struggle to try and fit all the core stuff in the morning and not moving the afternoon students TOO far ahead. They will always be ahead as they are getting full-day, but I don’t want them weeks ahead of the game. My sister taught 3rd grade once and had only 5 in her class. The interaction was a struggle and if one kid isn’t liked, that isn’t a good thing. I pray your class will be such a blessing to you this year. All in God’s will!

  8. I cannot wait to see what your room looks like. It’s the biggest classroom reveal I wait for every year. I cannot get enough of your eye for detail and making sure every single little thing is just so. I’m happy for you to have the opportunity to re-group and re-fresh this year with a small class size! Everyone needs a break once in a while. Here’ to hoping it is a great year for you both in and out of the classroom!

  9. Wow! I truly hope you enjoy your year! 🙂 That’s amazing. Your students will grow so much! What do you do in the afternoons? I can’t wait for the big reveal!

  10. I teach in a private school and have taught 18 years in kinder (out of 26). I have had as small as 4 (three of the four were triplets that year!) up to 18. This year I have 12 and I feel a bit the same in my room as there is more space even though it is a regular classroom. I keep walking in thinking something is amiss. But I love my twelve- the years with smaller classes have a different dynamic but able to do lots more with them. Can’t wait to see your reveal. love all you do- I have used several ideas to maximize my room space and organization. Yes, use this year to regain energy- it has been given to you!! 🙂

  11. I can’t wait to see your classroom. That’s amazing that you only have 7 students. I had 15 kids and just lost my unit because my school was 5 kids short. Unfortunately I had the fewest years (18+) on my kindergarten team so I had to say goodbye to my class, pack up and move to a new school. I had about 8 hours to get everything unpacked and set up again before teaching. Every chance I get I’m trying to decorate a little part of my new room.

  12. Oh my goodness 7 students. I can’t imagine a class so tiny! I’m sure it will not only be an adjustment but an amazing opportunity to really get to know your littles and create a fun 7:1 learning environment. As for your class reveal…I can’t wait to see it! I just know it is going to be amazing and full of creative ideas. Super excited! Enjoy your Sunday!

    Lattes and Lunchrooms

  13. I can’t wait to see your reveal, I am using the same borders you choose around your alphabet. I’ve gone from 15+ years of teaching kindergarten to moving to a different state and teaching 8 third graders at a Christian school. It’s amazing what path God leds you on when you take the time to listen. Next years class is estimated at 18, so I feel doubly blessed to have so few as I begin this new journey. Again, looking forward to your reveal. ?

  14. Looking forward to your new room, but I have to contain my jealousy. I have 32 kinders-ALL DAY (8-2:30), no aide, no air conditioning and it’s been 88 degrees outside and 92 degrees in my classroom. On the upside, my kiddos are great kids!

  15. That is so special that you have seven students this year. I bet you will remember this class forever. You will get a chance to really connect with each kiddo and give them extra special instruction! I taught half-day Kinder my very first year of teaching and loved it. I had 26 in the morning and 25 in the afternoon. Looking back, I have no idea how I managed 51 students & parents! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your special situation. Can’t wait to see your classroom reveal.

    Have a great rest of the week!

  16. I teach 1/2 day kindergarten. I would love to know more about how you fit it all in. A sample of your schedule would be awesome. I’m always learning new ways to tweak things. Thanks.

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