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Teaching with my Classroom Calendar in Kindergarten

This fall, I was determined to overhaul my classroom calendar. With a little effort, it now looks better than ever and is more interactive for my students. I’m so excited to show you all of the elements that make this space in my classroom special so you can create an attractive (and meaningful) calendar area in your own classroom.

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kindergarten classroom calendar area with teacher chair and easel that displays the date, weather, days of the week, schedule and more with text that reads "classroom calendar setup + resources"

How I Set Up My Classroom Calendar

Kinder Craze readers love seeing photos of my kindergarten classroom.  I spent several weeks this summer creating sweet, child-friendly calendar resources that teachers and students will love. I use many of the sets in my own calendar area and I adore the fresh, cohesive look of my updated calendar area. 

kindergarten classroom calendar displayed on a large whiteboard with the date, days of the week, seasons, weather and daily schedule

Most of the items in the space are attached to the my whiteboard using dot magnets.

placing dot magnets on the back of classroom schedule cards to display on a magnetic whiteboard

The grid for the actual “calendar” in my calendar area is from Creative Teaching Press’s dots on black collection. Each month, I use a different set of numbers from my Through the Year Calendar Numbers pack. Every number collection in the set features seasonal images arranged in a different pattern. My kindergarten students love figuring out which number will be the next picture in the pattern.

kindergarten classroom calendar set up for September with daily schedule, weather, seasons, temperature and patterned number cards

I display upcoming special days with my Through the Year Calendar Holiday Cards. My September calendar depicts the school’s annual fall book fair, Constitution Day, the first day of fall, and the first day of October. When my kiddos know that a special day is coming up, they are always asking how many days it will be until the event. Thank to my Calendar Holiday Cards, my students can find the answers to all of those “how long until…” questions without any help from me!

kindergarten classroom calendar set up on magnetic whiteboard with daily schedule displayed

Although it may not be a teaching topic for our calendar time, I also display my classroom daily schedule beside the calendar. My Schedule Cards are available with black or traditional white backgrounds.  One of my teaching standards is for students to name objects that measure time. Clocks are always the obvious answer, but the calendar and schedule cards also help my students keep track of passing time.

We take a few minutes each day to discuss the weather, temperature, and seasons. The class loves moving the magnetic pieces onto each sign to complete the sentences.

season and weather display on kindergarten classroom calendar

Shop for Classroom Calendar Resources

Your classroom calendar can look top-notch this year too with Kinder Craze calendar resources. Click any of the images below to stock up on instructional decor from the Kinder Craze shop.

Check out the Rest of My Classroom

My classroom calendar is just the beginning of my kindergarten classroom design. Click an image below to see more of my Vintage Circus theme classroom or my Rainbow Chalkboard classroom. Both designs were created in collaboration with Schoolgirl Style. 

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Maria Gavin

Maria is a former kindergarten and first grade teacher, with 13 years of teaching experience. Her love and passion for all things early childhood is now fulfilled as a mom to two amazing kids. She loves sharing practical and creative tips and ideas that are perfect for young learners – in the classroom or at home!

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  1. I have heard of Harry Kindergarten before, but I had never heard his songs. I did not know that he had youtube videos. I can’t wait to share his songs with my K students. We will be using the 12 months in a year and 7 days in a week videos this week!

    Ms. King’s Kinders

  2. Thank you for sharing this & the giveaway! It’s funny, I was searching for a music source and just discovered Harry’s Kindergarten yesterday 🙂 I’m really excited about using his music and ideas!

  3. My class and I love Harry Kindergarten! Love the look of your board, unfortunately I don’t have a bulletin board that we could do a focus wall, mine has a Smartboard on it so we do our routine on individual slides each day.

  4. We love “Criss, Cross, Applesauce.” When the kids are sitting on the carpet trying to get ready to learn, all I have to say is “Sauce, Snap” and the kids will sing the beginning of the song, “Criss, cross, applesauce. Hands in lap, gingersnap.” I love it!

  5. I found Harry Kindergarten last year as a first year teacher. Ever since, I’ve been using his videos for everything! My kids this year are already in LOVE with his songs!

  6. Hi there! I have been struggling to teach calendar this new school year. I feel like the way I teach it is boring, and I am not doing an adequate job of teaching kids the calendar, just kind of doing the months, days of the week, and day without teaching the students what it means, just leading them through the motions. This was very helpful in changing the way we do calendar and helping me teach it to my students.

    1. They’re little desk accessory boxes that are intended to hold pens and pencils. I found them in the Target dollar spot several years ago and just added some magnetic tape to the back so they would stay on my whiteboard.

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