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Bright and Colorful Rainbow Chalkboard Kindergarten Classroom Tour

I am so happy to finally share my BRAND NEW Kindergarten classroom with you! My school moved into a new (to us) building this summer and life at school has been interesting, to say the least! Kinder-Craze Facebook followers have been begging me to share classroom photos. I hope it has been worth the wait!

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a small commission each time someone makes a purchase through one of my links, which helps to support the blog.

The Story Behind my New Classroom

I was in LOVE with my classroom last year. It was sunny, and spacious, with high ceilings and plenty of bulletin boards. When my school purchased a beautiful new building, I was elated. Then I realized I would have to leave my perfect classroom behind. Needless to say, I got a little nervous. 

Fortunately, Melanie from Schoolgirl Style (a dear friend of mine) had lots of ideas and offered to collaborate with me on my new classroom design with exclusive first access to her upcoming Rainbow Chalkboard product line. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse! 

Before Photos of my New Classroom

A quick scroll through the photo slideshow below gives you a good idea of the decor obstacles I was dealing with when I first stepped into my new classroom: a blue wall and dark brown wooden cabinet in the front of the cabinet. Melanie reassured me that there was plenty potential in this room and that the finished result was going to be gorgeous. I couldn’t envision the classroom outcome at the time, but I trusted her to see beyond my bland, empty classroom.

My Beautiful New Rainbow Chalkboard Classroom Decor

Before we begin the tour, a quick disclaimer: The one and only sad thing about my classroom is that it is on the North side of the building and the sun never shines in through the window. Almost all of the ambiance (or lack thereof) comes from fluorescent lights. I’m ok with the lighting, but my camera cries itself to sleep at night. These photos are the very best I could muster and it took a LOT of fussing to get the colors bright, vibrant, and true. Please forgive the occasional shadow, glare, and off-tints that appear in the images. I managed them as best as I could 🙂

My calendar area is just inside the door. I love the storage that the large cabinet behind the area offers. Pops of contrast and color come from my Domino Number Cards {Black Series} and the black tree with rainbow leaves displayed on the wall. All of the calendar pieces are available in my store on TpT.

A standard set with a white background is also available for teachers that like to conserve printer ink.

The front wall to my classroom displays my Black Series Alphabet Picture Cards, calendar areas, Daily 5 charts (from A Year of Many Firsts), color words, and the all-important classroom rules.

The alphabet picture cards are available with a white background too.

I am in LOVE with my classroom rules. The prints are available for purchase on TpT. Read more about my classroom rules in this blog post.

My teal chevron bookshelf survived the move into my new classroom, along with my favorite striped tins from IKEA.

My classroom library is without a doubt, the focal point of my classroom. It’s the first thing you notice when you walk in the room. Books are arranged into themes and displayed in the rainbow bins on the lower shelves. Each student’s book boxes for read-to-self time line the top shelf of the library area. The green bins are numbered to identify which box belongs to whom.

Image by BTW Photography

The Expedit shelf from Ikea creates a perfect boundary for the library area as well as a comfortable seating option for read to self time. I often sit on the bench to deliver my Daily 5 lessons.

The beautiful rainbow pillows are from Ikea too!

Have you noticed the adorable children above my classroom windows? Each of these spaces was a white plastic material. I used packaging tape to attach the cloud print Fadeless paper and Bordette. Melanie had the idea to place silhouettes in that space and I love the idea. She sent me the silhouette graphics (which will be included in her upcoming Rainbow Chalkboard line). I traced each one onto black Fadeless paper, cut the pieces out and glued the onto the clouds. I found bright cardstock and used it for the bows, balls, and balloons that are accenting the silhouettes.

Rainbow pennants from the collection hang below each window and I created a faux-shade using Melanie’s wide rainbow stripes and black Bordettee.

The black tree branch and boy on a swing were cut out of black vinyl and applied to the walls. Since I don’t have bulletin boards in the front of the room, this was a fun way to add a pop of color to an otherwise blank canvas without damaging the fresh coat of paint on my classroom walls.

I decorated the back of a small bookcase in the library with the same fadeless paper and Bordette trim. Like the windows, these pieces were also taped into place. I created a banner from children’s book jackets as a final touch to my classroom library. (I created a tutorial for creating book cover banners last fall. You can find the tutorial here.)

Of course, another cute silhouette was attached to the side of the shelf. This little guy was cut from black vinyl as well so he will last a long time.

The bookshelf creates a divider between my classroom library and the gathering space for prayer. My wonderful friend Meggan did the lettering on my chalkboard boxes.

In addition to an image of Mary, a children’s bible, and a wooden cross, the prayer table also includes two printables that I created. The first is a prayer of blessing for our pastor, principal, and the head of maintenance at our school. Those three people worked so tirelessly all summer long to get the building ready for our doors to open this fall. Without their hard work and dedication, the students and staff of my school would be lost. We pray this blessing each morning after we say The Lord’s Prayer.

Image by BTW Photography

The second framed print is a quote from scripture. It serves as a reminder that Jesus always welcomes children to join him in prayer and love.

Image by BTW Photography

This scripture quote is available for FREE in my TpT store. Click the image below to download your free copy. 

The color word signs displayed on my white board are available in my TpT store.

The Rainbow Chalkboard labels aren’t just for student materials! I used the editable files to organize my teaching supplies for each day of the week. Various materials are stored in magazine boxes from Big Lots on the lower shelf. I love this pretty method of disguises my files and supplies that would otherwise appear to be cluttered.

I created another banner with my name on it to hang above my desk. In addition to being a pretty decoration, it is a very helpful reference for students when they want to know how to spell my name.

My computer desk is from Ikea as well. It has another vinyl silhouette of a little girl, along with the Inspire print from Schoolgirl Style, and the usual desktop supplies.

My desk also proudly displays a new Kinder-Craze subway art print that says “Too many blessings to count!” I created this to remind myself on those wild and crazy days in the classroom that my life truly is filled to the brim with blessings from the Lord. This free print will be uploaded soon to my TpT store.

This 5×7″ printable is FREE on TpT and is the perfect size for your teacher desk. Just print, trim, and frame in a 5×7″ frame to add a little style to your work area. I love that this reminds me of all the joy and goodness in my life (even on a particularly rough day in the classroom).

Of course, my teacher supplies wouldn’t be complete without my coordinating binder cover from the Rainbow Chalkboard collection!

My classroom alphabet wall is also back with a new bold look! Find out how I use the alphabet wall during instruction and download free a free template to create an alphabet wall in your own classroom.

Although you can’t see it well in the photos, my classroom number line is available in my TpT store.

Student computers, typewriters, and toys occupy the back corner of my classroom.

kindergarten classroom with computers, typewriters and brighly colored alphabet word wall

Wooden cabinets and bathroom door all display decorative accents that coordinate with my classroom theme. Not a single surface was left untouched in this room.

Paper Lanterns from Schoolgirl Style

The following items are available for purchase from my TpT store:

Expedit bookshelf, rainbow pillows, computer desk, and rainbow tins from Ikea.
Pink chevron fabric from Hobby Lobby.

Book bins from Big Lots and Really Good Stuff.

Scalloped chalkboard wall decals from Target.
Black vinyl from Jo-Anne but can also be purchased on Amazon.

Teal chevron drawer liner from MacBeth collection on Amazon.
Cloud Fadeless paper available on Amazon.
Black Fadeless paper available on Amazon.
Bordette trim available on Amazon in a variety of colors.

I am head-over-heels in love with my classroom!

kindergarten classroom with computers, typewriters and brighly colored alphabet word wall

Read More About My Classroom

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A Heart Filled with Gratitude

So many people had a hand in the creation of this classroom, I’m not sure who to thank first! There would be no wonderful school or classroom without my pastor, principal or school custodian. Thank you to Father Mike, Maureen, and Mario for all you did to get things off the ground. A huge thank-you also goes out to Loveann (a school parent that helped me day in and day out to get all of the details just right). Thanks also to my Mom & Dad, Danielle, Meggan, and Jane.

Thank you to Melanie for all of your wonderful ideas and resources. I am in LOVE with your Rainbow Chalkboard collection and I can’t wait to see it pop up in classrooms across the country. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to collaborate with. Our creative juices were flowing together every step of the way and this was such an exciting partnership.

These photos were captured with the help of Brian from BTW Photography. He made two trips into school to shoot photos for me and had to witness the horror of me ugly-crying during a major meltdown. (Trust me, it was bad.) I was nearly defeated by technical difficulties after Brian’s second trip into my classroom. But even in the absence of his own photos, Brian was able to save the day. Fortunately, he taught me the ins and outs of my Canon DSLR during one of BTW Photography’s Summer Workshops and I was able to give a last-ditch effort to capturing photos of my classroom. He spared all of you from seeing my classroom via the lens of the camera on my iPhone. Thank you Brian!

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Maria Gavin

Maria is a former kindergarten and first grade teacher, with 13 years of teaching experience. Her love and passion for all things early childhood is now fulfilled as a mom to two amazing kids. She loves sharing practical and creative tips and ideas that are perfect for young learners – in the classroom or at home!

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166 Responses

  1. Wow, girl… your classroom puts mine to shame. I love everything about your room. Your kiddos are soooo lucky to have you as a teacher! Have a great school year!

  2. I’m all teary-eyed seeing it finally come together. I know how hard the experience was, but totally worth it in the end! Thank you for not strangling me in the process! It was very rewarding seeing you step out of your comfort zone and do things you thought you would NEVER do!!! You have a great eye for detail and are pretty talented yourself, young lady! Your classroom is absolutely gorgeous and I’m so proud to have been part of it! I’m ready for that drink anytime you are! 😉 Woohoo! WE MADE IT!!!

    I am drooling!
    The silhouettes are my favorite, but I also love how you made your little reading corner.
    Oh! And I love how you painted the brown wooden shelves.
    Do the other teachers at your school also do this? 🙂

    1. haha, no I think everyone at my school will agree that I am the only one that is certifiably crazy! There are some very lovely classroom at my school, I just took things to a whole new level this year 🙂

  4. Maria, you worked so hard ! It was worth the wait to see this beautiful space. I love the colours and cheerful touches. Your prayer table is precious. Your children must love their special classroom. God bless you for all you do 🙂

  5. Oh my goodness, Maria your classroom is absolutely amazing!!! I love everything about it, especially the bright colors, chalkboard, and silhouettes! And your reading corner is incredible!! I want to go buy an expedit to add to my room now! Did you paint the inside with black/chalkboard paint? My pillows (I have some of the same rainbow ones!!) are just resting on the floor right now and that seems like the perfect place to store them in!! Ahh I wish I could teach next door to you so I could just walk in your classroom and take in all the goodness!! 🙂 You did an amazing job with your new room!!!!

  6. Oh my friend. It is really stunning and the it looks like joy is in the future for each and every child who walks through your door! Wonderful wonderful wonderful!
    Love Katie

  7. Your room is absolutely beautiful! It is very inspiring. I love the bright colors and especially the silhouettes, they just make it so unique and whimsical. I want to go back to school and be in your room! You have outdone yourself.

  8. Wow!! I think this is by far one of the most beautiful classroom designs that I’ve seen. It’s bright, cheerful, engaging…I could go on! Everything is just perfect. I tried to think of one favorite thing, and I couldn’t. I love it all. The silhouettes on the wall are the frosting on the cupcake though! Well done! Thanks for sharing the pictures of your beautiful new room!!!
    Crayonbox Learning

  9. Oh, Maria!! What an incredible classroom, my friend! I am in love with it, too! Whenever you and Melanie want to visit the Deep South, I’m ready for a make-over! You did a beautiful job!

  10. Love love love love love YOUR CLASSROOM. This has to be one of the cutest rooms every. Makes me want to redo my room. 🙂 I am sure your kids love it. The silhouettes are too cute.

  11. I think I might even like this classroom more than your previous one and I never would have imagined that to be possible! If you ever retire from teaching you have a serious interior design career ahead of you! If only there weren’t so many rules about decor at my school. We can’t put anything on any wall/cabinet surfaces! It’s so depressing!


    1. Thank you! It would break my heart if I couldn’t cover my walls or cabinet surfaces. What a sad way to teach! I’m glad you get to live vicariously through my classroom 🙂

    1. Thank you Carolyn,

      Yes, I do use a word wall! It didn’t get much attention in the blog post because I am hoping to share more about it one day soon. I have very little bulletin board space so this year I am combining my word wall and alphabet wall. I left space beside each letter on my large alphabet wall. As we learn new words, they are displayed beside the large colorful letter that corresponds with the initial letter.

  12. Thank you for sharing pictures of your classroom! This is definitely the most colorful, beautiful, and inspirational space I have seen :). I want to learn in that environment!!!

  13. In love with your classroom!! I am so jealous because I can’t wait to have my own classroom and start decorating. I love that you teach Kinder because that is what I want to teach! I also love that we have the same initials for our names. The M&Ms 🙂

  14. Well you have certainly raised the bar for all of us. Wondering how we could even begin……but at least we can try 😉 You and Melanie have inspired my 25 years career to once again reinvent my space. Can you please tell me what kind of vinyl you used for the silhouettes? Who wants to go through all that work without knowing it will last for years!

    1. Hi Renee,
      I’m so sorry for my delayed response. I actually used a few different kinds of vinyl in the classroom (depending on what was in the store when I went shopping). The quality of each type was very similar. My favorite vinyl came from Jo-Anne. They sell flat 12×18″ sheets. The fact that it was flat was very important to me because it didn’t keep trying to curl up like all of the rolled vinyl. It was Brookie Craft brand. I think you can buy it online, but I recommend finding it in store so it stays FLAT.

  15. I love your classroom. You are such an inspiration! Could you tell me how to get a cute picture of the Blessed Mother like you have on your prayer table? Thanks for helping all Catholic teachers!

    1. I purchased the black and white image from Kari Bolt (a clipart seller on TpT). I recolored the image in Paint. One day I am hoping to make a free print available with the picture of Mary, I just have a REALLY long list of things to accomplish in the meantime.

        1. Hi Katie,
          I don’t think a Cricut machine would work, at least not one of the old-school machines that takes cartridges. I think there’s a newer Cricut version but I’m not sure how it works. The file type for the silhouettes is PNG so you would need to research to see if PNG files are compatible with your machine.

  16. This is the most gorgeous classroom I have ever seen. I am a prospective teacher, and one of my assignments is to present my dream classroom. Think I will just link my teacher to this blog 😉 SO adorable!!!!!!!

  17. Our new school will be done next month and we are moving over Christmas break. Can you just come help please! I just don’t know where to begin. Your room is absolutely stunning!
    Teaching Ever After

  18. Wow you classroom is amazing I wish I had the design flair that you have. Being a teacher in Australia I couldn’t help but notice how you changed the colour of your wall and cabinet and mentioned items purchased from Ikea. Are you required/ do you need to purchase your own school furniture and are you able to paint surfaces ? How long did it take you to do all this? It is truly amazing ! I am in a huge shared space with another teacher so I would find it tricky to do something like this without impeding on there area and needs.

  19. Your classroom is my dream classroom. I am wondering how you make the multi-layer borders? Do you do it before attaching it to the wall or attach each layer at time? My classroom this year has lots of windows and not many notice boards so i will need to cover some windows and make bulletin boards. What did you use to attach your paper and borders to your windows?

  20. Your classroom is STUNNING and encompasses all of the things I value as well: organization, color, coordinated and pleasing decor! I’m currently working in a very challenging classroom: no windows, no door, a tiny pie-shaped room. The renovation will be done in 18 months, and when I’m in a permanent space, I’ll be using your room for inspiration!!! Thank you for generously sharing your ideas and creative inspiration!!

  21. I know you can’t get tired of hearing it, but your classroom is AMAZING!!! I absolutely love the bright colors, everything is so neat and organized, and it is all so welcoming! So jealous but I am so inspired to try some things out in my classroom. Woohoo to you and Melanie!!

    WILD About FIrst Grade!

    1. hank you for your response! Your classroom is absolutely wonderful. I’m sure your students feel more than welcomed, safe, and secure in their classroom. 🙂

    1. Emily, you are so sweet. Every time I return to work after a long break, I step into my classroom and am reminded of how perfect it is. Thank you! My students love our classroom and they take such good care of it every day.

  22. This is the best beautiful classroom that i have ever seen. The classroom rulers is so so awesome, I love it. I think that your students are so happy, safe and relax when they stay in ur class 🙂 Thank you for ur sharing Mrs Manore.

  23. When you purchase the Alphabet Picture Cards from your TPT store, are you able to save the file and take it to a professional printing shop (like Staples) to have it printed?

  24. This is a little bit random, but what kind of printer do you use to print your products? I bought some with the teacher appreciation sale last week, and I’m looking to buy a printer this summer so I can start printing it all! Thank you!

  25. I just stumbled upon your blog and absolutely LOVE your classroom! I’m wondering where you got the frames for your classroom rules? Love the style of them!

    1. Hi Leslie! The trees are all made from black vinyl. I didn’t have a pattern. I just bought SEVERAL sheets of it and cut the pieces to construct the trees one piece at a time.

  26. What a lovely space! I couldn’t stop thinking about it! I have been referring to your pictures as if it were some sort of handbook as I create my own room. Could you tell me more about the black vinyl cut outs? Are they clings?

    1. They are adhesive vinyl. I cut the vinyl into the shapes I wanted, then peeled off the back and stuck the vinyl to the wall. It sticks very well (lasted all year long) but peels easily off when I want to take it down.

  27. do you have a tutorial to make your chalkboard signs? I’m trying to use some of the items purchased on tpt, and create my own as well. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  28. Darling!!! Live in Rochester in Oxford – would love to see your awesome space sometime 🙂
    Question – what is the name of your cream paint. I have to move classrooms this year and space is limited. My one and only cabinet needs a facelift and I plan to paint.
    I had a black and red/white chevron theme last year – wanting to add more color. Thinking some yellow and lime. But love the teal as well…tough choices 🙂 Good thing I have awhile to make it work.

  29. Hey Maria… I LOVE your classroom! I am also a Catholic school teacher so I am going to use your signs and frame ideas for my prayer table. I’ll be posting what it looks like in the next few weeks. I made a freebie of Sacred Heart Jesus (one with the prayer and one with out) if you’d like to use it for a resource at your table. I know how hard it is to find cute items for prayerful times with our kiddos. Thank you again for such a wonderful resource!


  30. Your room is unbelievable! I would definitely want my child in your class. I have already been brainstorming how I can do many of you ideas in my own classroom. Thanks for sharing all those wonderful plans!

  31. I love your classroom! I am working on decorating my room using the same theme and many of the same ideas. I do have a question though! Do you use staples or hot glue to attach your border to your bulletin boards?

  32. Gorgeous, simply loved the colors and design. But I guess you spend a lot of money. My school doesn’t really sponsor us that much so I usually have to make do with self-made decorations. Mind if I borrow some of your ideas for my class? I’ve just started a blog too.

    1. My school doesn’t provide money for book boxes, decorative furniture, or any extras either. It gets expensive but it’s important to me so I spend more than most.

  33. I think I’ve seen you post something about this, but I can’t seem to find it. Where did you get the pink and white things the kids can sit on. What are they called? If I wanted to search for others?? Thank you! 🙂

  34. I could only wish to ever have a classroom that looks like this? You should start a company that helps teachers do this. I’m sure there would be lots of people who would pay for help to get this done. I would!

  35. Where can I find the leaves for the trees? I LOVE the trees and purchased them but never found any leaves! 🙁
    Also, your classroom is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! Such creativity!

    1. Hi Nikki,
      I just made the leaves myself from colored cardstock paper. I cut them out and attached them with blue sticky tack 🙂

  36. Pingback: Teach Happy
  37. Hi! Thank you for your extra work of teaching teachers how to be more organized and happy in their environment. What you are doing provides a huge ripple effect that is changing the world in ways I’m sure you don’t even know. Thank you.
    I have some questions:

    -How did you make the trees? Was there a template or did you just draw and cut it out? if so, was it next to impossible to put the vinyl up on the wall with no bubbles?? How was it done?
    -Your student’s pencils- Do they have flower tops? Is that what I see? And if so, how do you make and manage these?
    -Your flower magnets- Where did you get/how did you make/ how do you use these?

    I’m sorry, I’ve read your blog up down and over three times and these were the only things I did not see. Have a great week! 🙂
    Bridget Wheeler
    Troy, MI

  38. Amazing! I am loving everything in your classroom. I have moved rooms and the floor plan I have is nothing like I have had before in kindergarten. So many things to think about.

  39. Where did you get the cushion on top of your shelf/bench in your reading area? I love, love, love your classroom and just starting following your blog. Thank you for sharing! <3

    1. Hi Shari and thank you so much for the compliment! I had the cushion for the bench custom made. I purchased foam at a local retailer called The Foam Factory and used fabric that I found at Hobby Lobby.

  40. Love your classroom! I am a first year, new Kindergarten teacher and have used many of your items from TPT to decorate my classroom. Quick question, where did you get the magnetic whiteboard holders for your markers, etc?

  41. I know this post is dated, but I just keep coming back to it when thinking about my classroom next year! I’m moving from Hawaii back to my home state of Arkansas where I’ve accepted a position as a 1st grade teacher in a Catholic school. 🙂

    I teach 3rd grade right now, and morning calendar isn’t something we spend a lot of time on. The photo of your calendar area is perfect! I can’t wait to get in my new room and decorate, thanks to your inspiration!

    1. Hi Sadie,
      I’m so excited for your upcoming teaching position in a Catholic school! You are not alone in revising my old classroom photos. It still gets plenty of traffic every day. I’m so glad to hear that my calendar photos were helpful to you! Best of luck as you prepare for your 1st grade classroom!

  42. I love you classroom decorations I plan on using them as blueprint to own class. I have been trying to do a town/community theme for my classrooom but I am having the hardest time figuring out how to do it. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for me

    1. Hi Marty! You will want to start by making a list of everything you would see in a town (houses, cars, storefronts, street signs, traffic lights). Then look at your lost and try to figure out ways to incorporate your ideas into the decor

  43. How do you label your library bins so even your kindergarteners can put books in the correct place and know where to find things? Everything I’ve seen has words and no pictures which makes it difficult for the little ones…

  44. Hi I love your classroom – it looks so bright and fresh, My room is going to be painted this summer and i have the same north facing wall as you have. Just wondering what colour have the walls been painted?

  45. I absolutely LOVE your room!!! I have a lot of bulletin boards above my windows, just like yours. Do you have a link where you got the cloud faceless paper? And about how many rolls do you estimate it took to cover that space?

  46. Hello!

    Amazed with your classroom. I am a first year teacher and try to incorporate tones of innovative directions and bright colors as well! Could you let me know how I can find those adorable silhouette’s though?! I am a terrible artist and do not want to even attempt drawing them myself!

      1. Thanks for the fast reply!! Unfortunately the page keeps redirecting me to another place and I can’t find it.. would you be able to email me the file instead? Thanks so much!

  47. Hi. I’m a kindergarten teacher, and this is my first year teaching kindergarten children, so I needed ideas on class decoration with the theme being color. your posts were of great help to me. thank you so Much.i’d like to send you the pictures of my class after decorating, if that’s okay with you. thank you so much for your inspiration on decorating.

  48. I am a new pre-k catholic teacher and LOVE your blog!! You have such great ideas. I am currently working on my classroom prayer table, and was wondering where to find the picture of Mary you have on your table??

  49. Wow! What a beautiful classroom! Mine is not this detailed, partly because I know we will be hanging anchor charts all over as we learn. Do you hang up anchor charts? I’d love to see what it looks like during the year with student work or charts displayed. ?

  50. Your room looks awesome! I love the colored pails on the bottom shelf of your teal chevron bookcase. Any chance you recall where they were purchased?

  51. Your classroom looks so awesome! I love every detail and especially how all the colors bring everything to life!

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