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Stickers Organized!

I have a HUGE sticker collection that I inherited from another teacher. The collection was already organized when I received it, but all of the stickers were stored in a gigantic binder that was bursting at the seams. It was a mess. After a few years, I ditched the binder and kept all of the sticker-filled page protectors in a box. That worked, but continued to be a mess. I wish I had captured a “before” picture, but I’m also kind of relieved that I don’t have to share the sticker-filled clutter with you.

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how to organize your classroom stickers

But anyway. . . back to the organization! To get started, I went through the entire collection and cleaned house a bit. I sorted through all of my stickers and I donated the really uncool, outdated stickers to someone that had a use for them. I also trimmed some of the larger sticker sheets to create a more uniform feel to the collection. I have a TON of stickers that I have earned from Highlights Magazine. You guys know what I’m talking about. I used the highlights sticker sheets as my reference-the pages all measure to be 5×8″. All sticker sheets larger than the highlights pages were trimmed to a smaller size.

Next, I found a box that was the right size for holding all of my newly-tidied stickers. The best thing I could find was a men’s shoebox. It was gray and boring, but that was ok-I had a plan! I wanted my sticker box to match my classroom decor so I decoupaged the box with the scraps from when I Fancied Up my Sterlite Drawers.

teacher craft suppliessticker organization supplies

As you can see, I cut the scrapbook paper into strips, then glued them to the shoebox with Mod Podge. The next day, I sprayed the newly-decorated box with clear acrylic spray to ensure a good seal.

organize your classroom stickers

Once the box was ready to go, I filled it with my organized stickers. I created my own dividers with poster board cut into 8.5×5″ sections. The top 1/2 inch of the poster board pieces was designated for creating tabs. My wonderful friend Nicki labeled all of the tabs for me. I placed seasons of the year in front (ordered chronologically from Fall to Summer), followed by an alphabetical arrangement of non-seasonal themes (animals, reading, smiley faces, etc.)

teachers - organize all those stickers!organized teacher stickers

This shoebox had a few inches to spare after I filled it with my sticker collection, so I added a some fun flair to the back of the box. I’m so thrilled with the final product!

how to organize all of your stickers

Do you have a system for organizing your stickers?

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Maria Gavin

Maria is a former kindergarten and first grade teacher, with 13 years of teaching experience. Her love and passion for all things early childhood is now fulfilled as a mom to two amazing kids. She loves sharing practical and creative tips and ideas that are perfect for young learners – in the classroom or at home!

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47 Responses

  1. I’m so glad that you linked up this idea to my all things ‘organizational’ blog hop! Of course I LUV LUV LUV the colors in your idea!!!

    Thanks for adding the encouragement for your readers to ‘hop’ on over to all of the other link-ups!!

    Rainbows Within Reach

  2. Great idea!! I have all my stickers in a box and separated in transparent bags, but it’s a pain to find the right one! I think this ways it will be easier to find them 😀

  3. Love your idea while I use a beautiful system called Scrap Rack, I love this idea especially for the grandchildren. You know how they love stickers! I’m seriously going to pull them out and put them in this type of system this weekend. They are already separated this way so all I need to do is gran a box and have them help me decorate. Thanks!

  4. I made something like this in the past. The only bad thing about using a photo box is having to fold or cut those long sticker sheets. My collection of stickers eventually out grew the boxes, and now I have everything put away by theme. For example: all wedding paper, embellishments, stamps, stickers, etc are all in one [craft cube] drawer.

  5. This looks like a great idea! Thanks! Do your stickers fall through to a section behind? I have some small individual stickers I do not want to part with, just wondering how to keep them organized.

    1. Hi Heather, I don’t have any issues with small stickers falling behind since the separators span the entire width of the box. It has been several years and this system still works great for me

  6. So glad I stumbled upon this. I think I have the binder with page saver sleeves that you threw away (LOL). Sticker are bursting out everywhere and I just bought some more today. Think I’m going to use the box from Office Depot that you get purchasing three reams of paper.

  7. Love the idea could you send me a list of each category that you put your stickers in I’m having trouble figuring out what to label the dividers and how does sort the stickers according to category

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